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Thank You

-Annie Carroccia from Fort Collins, CO
Pet Name: Sage

Hello. My name is "Sage". I am a 1 � year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who is extremely happy and energetic. In January 2009 I made my annual visit to Dr. Arthur at VCA Fort Collins Animal Hospital, I received my yearly wellness package which included preventive wellness bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal sample. My owner Annie told the doctor that I had been my normal self and that she had no concerns.

When my bloodwork results returned Dr. Arthur told my owner that I had increased liver enzymes and that we should do additional testing. The additional results showed that I have a disease called Hepatic Microvascular Dyslpasia. Since these results I have started on a special diet and supplements that will help me with my liver issues.

I am truly thankful for Dr. Arthur along with her colleagues and that staff of VCA Fort Collins Animal Hospital for their great care and emphasis on wellness care. My owner is very happy that we were able to diagnose my liver disease at such an early age and start treatment immediately.

Thanks again!
"Sage" and Annie Carroccia

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Best of the Best

-Liz and Bob MacLauchlin from Fort Collins, CO
Pet Name: Lucky

VCA Fort Collins Animal Hospital is the best--professional, caring, loving, giving preventive and continuing care. We have had two Westies lovingly cared for by this hospital. The first one had many health concerns which were all addressed with compassion and expert care. Our new puppy loves going to this facility as he is greeted by name by staff members and given lots of love on his way to day care. I cannot express the appreciation we have for this facility and the staff directed by Dr. Steyn.

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Thank you

-Jeff and Tessa Amell from Fort Collins, CO
Pet Name: Foxy Brown

It's hard finding enough wonderful words to describe the amazing team at VCA!! From day one, they have always gone above and beyond to make us and Foxy Brown feel at home. This team has been a big part of our life since getting Foxy a year ago and we can't imagine going anywhere else. From wellness exams, to doggie day care, to heart worm prescription refills-we know that they will be there for whatever we need. We recommend every one to you guys-you do a FANTASTIC job!! Thank you for caring about our animal as much as we do!!

This is a picture of Foxy Brown after another fun filled day with her best friends at VCA doggie day care!!

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So Grateful

-Jacque and Ruben from Fort Collins, CO
Pet Name: Sully

Let me just say that we have experienced the most amazing care for our newly adopted member to our family, Sully! We adopted Sully, a six month old boxer, from a shelter and one day of having him realized something was wrong. VCA was able to get us in right away and after some xrays we were told that Sully was (to make a long story short) a special needs pup, due to having a condition listed as "megasophagus". Dr. Sedacca was on top of giving us all the information we needed to ensure we could offer our new boy the best care possible along with checking up on him from time to time! We strongly feel that VCA Animal Hospital is by far the best Vet Clinic around. These are not just pets to them, they realize that they are a part of your family! We are so grateful for this clinic and we know,Sully is too!!! Thank you to Dr. Sedacca and the whole VCA Staff- We will be life long clients.

Under new management

-Rebecca James from Fort Collins, CO

Dr Sofia Arthur has treated my pets for many years. She is an excellent diagnostician and uses a conservative approach to treatment thereby avoiding any unnecessary expense to me as the owner. She is right on the money and when in doubt, will take diagnosis to the next level. I highly recommend her and congratulate her on becoming the new Medical Director of the Fort Collins Animal Hospital. I know she will do great things in her new position. PS she still sees patients.

Like family

-Tom and Dawn from Fort collins, CO
Pet Name: Magic

Magic is not only the name of our retired racing greyhound but magic is also in the atmosphere and staff at VCA. For quality, loving, nurturing, dedicated, experienced professionals with unparalleled knowledge and a true love for all animals and their humans, VCA is the top choice for you and your beloved pet.You can be assured that with every visit the doctors and staff provide the highest standard of care.

The Best Gift

-Sara and Nick Cummings from Fort Collins, CO
Pet Name: Algy, Begonia and Dennis

We are so very, very grateful to have VCA and the BEST vets to care for our little ones. There really is no better gift. And all we can offer is our endless thanks. Dr. Long, Dr. Arthur and Dr. Barry--we love and appreciate you lots!!!

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Caring and Compassionate Doctor's

-Becky Turner from Loveland, CO
Pet Name: Chester

I recently purchased an adult iguana from a local pet store in Loveland. After having him a very short time, I noticed that he was not doing too good. Dr. Ogelsby and Dr. Arthur examined him and found him to be very ill. 'Chester' was given the best of the immediate care that they could provide to him. I was lucky enough to have 2 wonderful, compassionate and caring people looking after him. They both comforted me and had me, not only my Iguana in their best interest. I was honored to have had met both of these amazing Doctor's. I will be back with all my other pets to see them.

The Greatest Care

-Molly from Fort Collins, CO
Pet Name: Stella

My baby girl Stella has been coming here since she was three months old (she's 2.5 now), and ever since the beginning, we've had nothing but the best and most loving care from our VCA doctors. First with Dr. Barry, who is amazing but no longer there, then Dr.'s Arthur and Long, and now with Dr. Morgan, all amazingly smart, intuitive, and compassionate doctors of animal medicine. Stella has always had the best and most comprehensive care. Not only the doctors but ALL staff of VCA are amazing, love animals, and really truly care about your pets. They know that they're part of our family! And they're very informative and helpful always. I would never dream of going elsewhere. They have almost everything you need right there, too, with a complete hospital, boarding, doggie day-care, and a little dental office for cleanings. Again, this is the only place for us, we would be destitute were they to move or close! I hope they are always there. I know my Stella is the healthiest pup she can be thanks in part to VCA!!! Best of the best.