Rick Klomhaus, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Colorado State University


 Dr. Klomhaus was born and raised in Southern California where he
attended California State Polytechnic University prior to attending
veterinary school at Colorado State University. Dr. Klomhaus took an
active role in his veterinary education by serving as the professional
veterinary class president and as a member of the ARGUS institute
(which specialized in end-of-life palliative hospice care for pets).
He has a special interest in veterinary oncology, internal medicine
and emergency medicine. He completed an additional year of advanced
training with an internship in internal medicine, surgery, neurology
and emergency medicine at the Veterinary Specialists of Northern
Colorado. In his off time, Dr. Klomhaus enjoys spending time with his
amazingly talented wife (also a local area emergency veterinarian) and
his two daughters. They all enjoy the many
diverse outdoor activities Colorado has to offer (hiking, biking,
boating and traveling). He has three Australian Shepherds (Spice,
Zipper and Rocket) who compete in canine agility trials and older
adopted sphinx cat (Mr. “N”) who could compete in competitive sleeping
(if that were a sport).