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Published: Feb 02, 2012

If your cat sucks on blankets or other fabric surfaces as though it was nursing, don't be alarmed. The behavior does not necessarily point to a cat illness, but it may indicate a lack of mental stimulation, frustration that the feline cannot do things it wants or even compulsion caused by something upsetting, according to the ASPCA. You should bring your cat to a veterinarian to ensure that there are no health issues related to their actions.

Sucking on fabrics may be a behavior that kittens pick up if they are weaned from their mothers too early. It may also be the result of not having enough playtime, VCA Animal Hospitals reports. Pet owners can spend more time interacting with their furry friends to try and reduce the frequency of the behavior.

VCA states that certain breeds like Siamese and Burmese cats may be more prone to engaging in this behavior. If there are multiple cats in the home, one cat may not be eating enough food, which could lead them to suck fabrics. Your cat may also do this if they're experiencing anxiety due to a recent move, introduction of a new human presence, are not allowed outside anymore, the presence of other cats outside the home or other reasons, the ASPCA reports.