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I Love VCA Foothill Veterinary Hospital Pasadena

-Denise from Pasadena, CA
Pet Name: Hamlet and Spartacus

I have been taking my two adopted dogs to VCA hospital for the past 6 years. My pets have received the best love & care. I had (1) emergency with Hamlet (a miniature poodle). I first took him to a pet store hospital (which I will not name). They persuaded me to sign up for an insurance policy and claimed I could bring my pet to their facility anytime. I walked in with my pet who needed immediate medical care! I was turned away. I asked if they could recommend a hospital for my pet. One of the staff members recommended VCA Foothill Veterinary. When I arrived as a walk-in VCA Foothill Pasadena staff accepted Hamlet immediately and provided excellent medical care!

Saved my dog's life they did!

-Ladyhawk from PASADENA, CA
Pet Name: Cobe

I've been going there for years. On this day my dog was approaching the "Rainbow Bridge". Her breathing was labored and she had refused to eat for over a day. She was so weak I had to carry her into the vets. Straight away they xrayed her and drew blood. She had pneumonia and was in Ketosis. She had developed diabetes. She spent the week there as they adjusted her insulin and now, a month later she is her ole self. I am so happy. They let me come see her every few hours so I got to feed her and take her outside for a walk and sit in the sun. They were so kind. Having a staff of 6 vets is great as each one has a specialty. Dr. Howes is diabetes so she knew just what to do. Their bill for the week was reasonable too. You can't go wrong with your animal coming here.