Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Bennie our October Pet of the Month! Bennie is a 15 week old Pembroke welsh corgi. She is full of energy 24/7, loves meeting all new dogs, squirrels and even a stick or two. Her favorite time is walk time, followed by bath time. She is the only dog that I have ever seen love the bath. She's a very picky eater and hates her collar and leash! She's notorious for stealing clothing of all kinds, none as much as socks, even if they are on your feet. Her favorite toy is pelican and she loves hanging out on the golf course. She's very chatty, recently became potty trained and learned to sit and lay down when she feels like it. She spontaneously breaks out in to a circle sprint and growl when she gets really excited. We are very excited for the future fun still yet to come with Bennie.