Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Henry our February Pet of the Month! Henry was born June 16, 2005 in Stony Lake, Michigan near our summer home on Lake Michigan. Prior to Henry’s arrival, we had three Goldens when our three children were young and growing up. I had a pewter tag made for him when he was eight weeks old and on it I put “Happy Dog…” Henry is the friendliest, happiest Golden we have ever had. He loves people more than squirrels! Along with his Golden brothers Charlie, 7, and Bodie, 5, they bless our lives everyday with their unconditional love (and a lot of dog hair!) Since our move to Denver two years ago from the Midwest, the doctors and staff at Firehouse have taken the very best of care of our boys and we appreciate them all very much. Thank you from Henry and our family for this amazing honor.