Pet of the Month

Congratulations Sox and Tux, our November Pets of the Month!

We moved to Denver from Tampa and did the 33 hour drive with our babies safe in a huge crate in the car. Sox and Tux are both rescues and are now best buddies which did take awhile after Tux came to us. They hang out on our patio, sleep together and play and run around chasing each other making us laugh. These cats "Sit" for treats and greet us at the door when we come home.

Sox adopted us after someone left him during all the housing foreclosures in our Tampa neighborhood. We immediately fell in love with his purring, rubbing against anyone who came to the door and his chatter. We took him to our vet before exposing him to our other 2 cats where our vet said, "this is a great cat!" Well behaved, loving and healthy. Immediately Sox was HOME with us, our cats and visiting Dalmatian and Chihuahua. Sox loves dogs so we think he was in a home with a dog. He loves to cuddle and has a very large vocabulary. He also loves to EAT - we have to ration his food! His nicknames are SockyWockies and Soxters.

Tux was in a cage in the lobby of our vet. I asked if I could hold him and he purred and snuggled. His story was sad. He was a feral cat at a church being fed by the church ladies. He has a burn scar on his foot and the Vet thinks he was trying to get warm in the hood of a car at some point. He also has a clipped ear from the Humane Society feral program. I asked my husband Mark if we could Foster him until a home could be found. Well, obviously we became the home. It took lots of love, talking and patience to get Tux out of his timid shell. He is now so fun and loving and is a huge lap cat. He has a kidney disease from being a feral cat, but with treatments and good love he has been with us 2 1/2 years longer than expected. Tux has many nicknames. TuxieWuxie, LoveBug, hunnybunny and Little Man.

Both of our babies bring us so much joy and love! We are blessed to have them.

Congratulations to Luna, our September Pet of the Month!

We don’t know what Luna’s first name was (if she had one) or how she spent the first half of her life but it was clear that she didn’t have it very easy. When we adopted her from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in 2012 she had been found as a stray wondering in Denver, had not been fixed, and was 6 or 7 years old.

Luna was sweet and skittish and didn’t know what to make of stairs or toys. For a few months she had lived with a great foster family that included her best pal Fred, an old black lab who was obsessed with ants. She also learned a thing or two about being a lab from Burt, an elderly, kind and dignified dog my brother adopted a few years earlier.

Here is what we’ve learned from Luna in the last four years: Her fur is very soft and gets softer after she’s been in the rain. She enjoys rolling in fresh mowed grass and likes to nap in the sunny spots of the lawn. When she doesn’t feel good she is tough and stoic. She never makes a fuss no matter how difficult the medical procedure and she seems to intuitively know that the great docs and staff at VCA are there to help her get better. We call Luna the “Law Dog” of Congress park because she loves to “walk her beat” two or three times a day. Like the mailman, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps from her appointed rounds. She skulks after cats in the neighborhood but they have her number and are always two steps ahead of her. Other dogs are ok but her real love is for people young and old. She is crazy for cantaloupe, strawberries and apples.

Our families have grown up with and known a lot of dogs over the years but Luna is the most thankful and affectionate dog we have very known. She loves to snuggle, has a big smile and really likes it when we sing to her, praising her and using her name as much as possible in the song. Luna is truly a beloved member of our family and we are very thankful for all of her friends and the great care we get for her at VCA Firehouse!

Congratulations to AJ, our August Pet of the Month!

AJ Bonnie, aka Sausage, aka Bubba, is 9 years old and makes the "bigger dogs" jealous due to her amazing fetching capabilities since eight weeks of age!!! ...refer to fish photo : ) She is the absolute love of my life and an old soul that enjoys checking her "messages" on her daily walks through Capitol Hill. My baby has been my ROCK during some of the most tragic times in my life all while enduring Mommy's fast-paced National Guard and Corporate Career schedule. We share the same birthday making her a "Live Life to the Fullest" Gemini. Whenever possible she is quick to jump in the Wrangler to explore the beautiful Colorado landscape including mountains and parks and her favorite places to visit are the Evergreen Open Space Dog Park and Glenwood Springs. She sends her sincerest "Thanks" to VCA Firehouse for selecting her as "Pet of the Month" as it's due time she was recognized for being a model four-legged furry citizen. Snort Snort!!!

Congratulations Leo, our June Pet of the Month!

Leo’s 9 ½ and was adopted at 11 months. He is a Chow Chow Golden…with Chow being the dominant trait…meaning he is regal and aloof but gentle and well mannered. A fiercely loyal companion to his family but a bit of a player who has many lady friends in the park! He walks and runs 5 miles every day…chases rabbits and squirrels and then parks himself to watch over his kingdom…see picture. Don’t try to put plain old boring dog food in front of him. He can’t be bothered unless its something gourmet. He’s asked if he gets groomed the answer is no…he’s like a lion and grooms himself.

Congratulations to Cleopatra our May Pet of the Month!

We adopted Cleo when she was 10 weeks old and knew right from the start she was incredible. She had been on the streets for eight weeks with her little sister and was the one that had scratches and scabs on her head. They said this was because she probably had fought and protected her sister. From the minute we got her home, Cleopatra has been such a snuggle bug! She loves to go belly up for you and snuggle close on the floor and on the bed, giving lots and lots of kisses. She also loves to chase squirrels at Cheesman Park, help mommy vacuum the floor after we eat dinner, chase the ball with daddy, try to Houdini out of the gentle leader, plow head first into heaps of snow, eat mom and dad's slippers, rip out the plants in the backyard, carry bricks around and check on her little brother while he is sleeping in his nursery. She is super kind and will always eat what mommy makes for dinner, even if no one else will because it is terrible. Best of all though, she is full of so much love and is always there for us whenever we need kisses and hugs. We love our Cleopatra so much. She has been such a blessing to all of our lives.

Congratulations to Bumble our February Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Suzie our January Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Emerson our December Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Lionel our November Pet of the Month!

Lionel is a service dog in training and hopes to someday be able to assist someone with a physical disability (other than blindness). He lives with his volunteer puppy raiser family, who besides loving and caring for him, will teach him 30 commands and socialize him in all sorts of environments during the 1 1/2 years that he will be with them. His family will send him off to "college" for 6 months where he will learn really cool things like turning on and off lights, picking up dropped items and opening doors. He will even learn to get something out of the refrigerator! When he is about 2 years old he will be placed with his partner, at no cost to them, and will fulfill his dream of helping someone live a more independent life. The non-profit organization that is helping Lionel realize his dream is Canine Companions for Independence and you can learn more about them at

Congratulations to Moose our October Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Daisy our September Pet of the Month!

Daisy aka Daisy May, Day Day, Schmeagle, Naughty Pants, Daisy May Ness-Causey. Daisy, a tiny beagle, who is 7 years old has a lot of nicknames. She loves food, sniffing for food, bones, treats and anything food related. Her past-times include napping under her Moms clean and nicely hung clothes, waiting for scraps under our feet as we cook, hiding under beds and in the bathtub, and attempting to lick dishes as we load the dishwasher. Her best tricks are rolling over, "arfing" and waving hello and goodbye. Her nose often gets her in trouble and she can always be convinced to do something if the word "treat" is involved. She is spoiled rotten and we can't imagine life without her.

Congratulations to Rue our August Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Boomer our July Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Joey our June Pet of the Month! 

Joey is a sweet 8 year old border collie/aussie mix that has been the joy of our lives. We got him at Dumb Friends League when he was about 9 months old and have had the most wonderful time with this sweet dog. He loves playing in Cheesman Park, which is his back yard, and he loves to shake people down for treats. Joey got his "season pass" this year so he can hang out with his Daddy at Vail. We can't imagine life without Joey.

Congratulations to Woodson Lou our May Pet of the Month!

Congratulations to Simba our April Pet of the Month!







Congratulations to Leo our March Pet of the Month!