Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Cleopatra our May Pet of the Month! We adopted Cleo when she was 10 weeks old and knew right from the start she was incredible. She had been on the streets for eight weeks with her little sister and was the one that had scratches and scabs on her head. They said this was because she probably had fought and protected her sister. From the minute we got her home, Cleopatra has been such a snuggle bug! She loves to go belly up for you and snuggle close on the floor and on the bed, giving lots and lots of kisses. She also loves to chase squirrels at Cheesman Park, help mommy vacuum the floor after we eat dinner, chase the ball with daddy, try to Houdini out of the gentle leader, plow head first into heaps of snow, eat mom and dad's slippers, rip out the plants in the backyard, carry bricks around and check on her little brother while he is sleeping in his nursery. She is super kind and will always eat what mommy makes for dinner, even if no one else will because it is terrible. Best of all though, she is full of so much love and is always there for us whenever we need kisses and hugs. We love our Cleopatra so much. She has been such a blessing to all of our lives.