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A Healthy Honey

-The Stossel Family from Findlay, OH
Pet Name: Honey

On April 26th, 2012...we picked up our first family dog from the shelter. Honey, a pure bred brindle Boxer, had been spayed the previous day.

The following Monday morning, I called Findlay Animal Hospital and spoke to Jenny about our newest family member's first appt, post surgery checkup. The night before, Honey had stopped eating altogether, was eating grass and had some very loud sounds coming from her tummy.

Jenny answered all my questions as a first time dog owner with great patience, kindness and personal attentiveness. We came in the following day to see Dr Katie Frederick. Everyone was just enamored to finally meet Honey! She got her remaining shots, microchipped and had her temp taken with the calmness and understanding you would expect from your family doctor.

Unfortunately, Honey didn't get to eating and even got sicker. I called in and spoke with Ashley and Julie who both assured me that Honey would be seen immediately despite their full schedule. She saw Dr. Heitman and was tested thoroughly and confirmed diagnosis was a bacterial infection of her colon, likely due to stress of a new environment.

She was given a shot of antibiotics, special low-calorie food and more antibiotics to take home. Within an hour of coming home, Honey was anxious to eat and was much more energetic! She ate a couple treats very eagerly and took a couple balls of the special food right away:)

Despite everything we went through as first time dog owners in such a short time, we were relieved and hopeful that Honey was finally adjusting to her new home!

Everyone at Findlay Animal Hospital are the most friendly, caring and happy people you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting! They take great pride in making both you and your pet their top priority! If you live anywhere within the Findlay/Hancock County Area, you will certainly want your pet cared for here:)

Heck...I want to be treated here when I'm sick=P