• Hospital Manager

    Annette Augsburger

    Annette joined the VCA team in January of 2006 with the former VCA Animal Medical Center. In January of 2014 she joined the VCA Findlay Animal Hospital and VCA Findlay Animal Care Center teams when the two facilities merged. She has 3 pugs: Nick, Doogles and Milo. She is involved with the youth programs at her local church. Annette can be found most summer weekends camping with her nephews and niece.

  • Office Manager

    Lori Baird

    Lori started at FACC in May of 1988 as a part-time receptionist.  She has worked in the kennel and as a veterinary assistant and has become the computer and mechanical fix-it girl, making her our "Jill of all trades".  Her creativity and eye for detail has made her an invaluable asset to the practice.  Lori has a special interest in feline behavior and has become the go-to person for cat-based questions.  Lori is actively involved in the Humane Society and can often be found raising funds for rescue kittens in memory of her cat, Lazarus.

    Lori is the youngest of eight siblings and has five furry kids of the feline persuasion:  Bacardi Emilio and Mojito Jose, orange and white domestic short-hair tabby brothers, Stormy Llewellyn, a domestic longhair tortie, Purrsilly Louise, a black & white domestic short-hair, and newest addition Banshee Morrigan, a domestic short-hair torbie.

    When not saving the cats of the world, Lori enjoys reading, especially in the genres of action, adventure, paranormal mysteries, and thrillers.  Lori is professionally instructed in voice and is a self-proclaimed paranormal geek.

  • Safety Coordinator

    Phoenix Winifred FACC

    I'm Phoenix and I was discovered while doing freelance work outside a factory in Bowling Green and transferred to FACC in January of 2010.  Ok, I was transferred in a wildlife cage but I prefer not to discuss that. 

    Since arriving at FACC, I have held a number of positions, starting with veterinary staff supervisor.  That was fun for a while but my office was way too small so I decided it was time for a promotion.  I am very ambitious and I don't know how this place ever ran without me.  I am now the head of kennel security which involves routine perimeter checks, elevated bed safety testing, and taste testing lunches for unknown additives.  I also specialize in pest control and employee counseling.  In my spare time I serve as feline ambassador and FIV awareness spokescat.

    My hobbies include boxes, sprinting, hypnotism, gourmet sandwiches and chasing the elusive red dot.