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Pet Name: Snickerdoodle

When I adopted a little tiny 5 year old cat, whom I named Snickerdoodle, from the SPCA a few months ago, it was noted that she had gingivitis. I failed to notice that. Well, it got out of control, and she stopped eating for 4 or 5 days. I brought her in to see Dr. Waller for a second opinion. She examined Snickerdoodle and then sat down with me to explain all my options in a very gentle concerned tone. She gave my kitty a shot of Kenalog to ease the pain and inflammation in her mouth and sent me on my way to consider all my options. I also talked to her on the phone two more times after that concerning my kitty's life longevity. She was kind and reassuring. I picked up the antibiotics she recommended. I am hoping for a long loving and playful life with my kitty, Snickerdoodle (Snickers). The staff at the front desk are also kind and caring. All in all, I really like the ambiance in the office. And the staff and doctors of course!!

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The Very Best Care for my Family

-Judy Cornelius from Reno, NV
Pet Name: Whiskers

My relationship with this practice began in 2004 when my nearly 20 year old cat, Curious, developed a lump on the side of her mouth. The vet I had been using told me to bring the cat in that afternoon and we would put her down. He hadn't seen her or her blood tests that had been the night before at the emergency vet service. I left there and never returned. I already had found Dr. Thompson and this unique Kitty Only practice. All I wanted for my kitty to receive compassionate care and consideration. That was delivered ten fold. Dr. T operated on her and she had another 6 months of quality life thanks to him. All of my cats have since been under the care of this wonderful practice. Some of my adoptees who were more feral than domestic have returned to me quite socialized and become some of my most loved family members. Dr. T and the staff have grieved with me when I've lost my some of my babies over the years. Everyone appreciates how valued these family members are to me and have always treated each one as important. The office is calm and the office kitties add to the atmosphere. I am so grateful to not have to share the space with dogs. I am always confident that my kitties get the very best of care and concern when I take them to VCA Feline Medical Center. I would recommend it - and do often - to any kitty owner.

VCA FMC and staff are lifesavers!

-Barbara Freeman from Sparks, NV
Pet Name: Sophie

I have been taking my two cats, Teddie and Sophie, to Feline Medical Center for years. Though all the doctors have been and are terrific, Dr. Thompson holds a special place in my heart. He, along with the rest of the wonderful staff helped to replace my panic with surety when Teddie had to have ear surgery and when Sophie had a serious respiratory virus. I have and always will trust them with my beloved pets. Last week when I brought Sophie in for her annual exam, Dr. Thompson told me how important it was for me to administer some tough love in order to find the cause of her horrible skin allergies. It's been quite an adjustment and she misses her treats but I didn't doubt him for a minute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at VCA Feline Medical Center!


-Kathy Doyle from Reno, NV
Pet Name: Lily

I adopted an 11 year old cat from the SPCA and have been taking her to VCA for the past year. The staff is very professional, courteous and friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxed with the office cats roaming the waiting area. They have taken exceptional care of Lily, she has skin allergies and with the help of steroid shots it has been manageable and she is much more comfortable. I board her periodically and I know she is in good hands while I am out of town. Thanks to the Doctors and staff for taking such good care of her.