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Appointment Policy

Appointments are preferred and patients with appointments are seen first in order of appointment time, not arrival time. True medical emergency cases shall always receive top priority; followed by patients with previously scheduled appointments; then walk-in patients.

In the event that all appointment times are filled, and your kitty needs immediate, but non-emergency or life critical attention, the Feline Medical Center offers and encourages you to drop your cat off as soon as possible. One of our on duty Veterinarians with the help of the support staff will triage and treat your kitty as soon as possible.

Patient Arrival Policy

Feline anxiety can be very spontaneous especially in parking lots with cars and trucks that may pass by. With very few exceptions, your kitty will feel much safer in a carrier. For your protection and that of others, we respectfully request that all of our patients travel in their motor homes or on a harness and leash.

Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) Control:

The sneezing cat most commonly has a viral or other contagious, airborne, infection. In order to protect our patient cats, and our resident house cats, it is mandatory that all sneezing cats upon arrival are in a carrier covered by a towel. Please advise us in advance of your appointment or walk in service arrival that your cat is sneezing. Please DO NOT let the resident house cats or other cats come into contact with your cat or carrier. We will take all other necessary steps to preclude transmission of URI while your or any kitty is visiting the FMC.

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Important Notice:
Do not use the appointment form in case of an emergency. Call us right away.

We will call you back to confirm your appointment within one business day during operating hours. Need to change your appointment? Just call us 24 hours before your scheduled time.

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