Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Rebecca M

  • Receptionist

    Nichola A

    Nichola graduated from high school in Las Vegas, NV.  She spent time working with children and volunteered at animal hospitals while in high school.  With this experience, she realized that working with the animals is where she wanted to be!    After living in Arizona for a few years, Nichola headed north to Minnesota where she learned to enjoy different seasons and grew to love our snowy months. She enjoys photography and shares her home with her Jack Russell Terrier named "Frankie."   She began working as a receptionist at VCA Feist in October 2006.  She had the pleasure of joining us at our 100th Birthday Party!  She felt it was great to be apart of the festivities.

  • Receptionist

    Danielle D

    I am originally from South St. Paul.  I joined the VCA Feist team in June 2014.  I share my home with my Bichon, Beagle, Pekingese, and American Pit Bull Terrier.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading and working in animal rescue.