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Published: Aug 25, 2011

Bringing a new baby into the home can be a challenge for everyone, though pets can be the most affected.

Aside from getting used to the new smells, lack of attention and loud noises, pet health can also take a backseat during the transition, according to NBC Today.

Although most owners don't mean to be neglectful of their dog's typical exercise routine, a new baby can make it easy to forget to do certain tasks that they were once diligent about.

Carrie Barnes and her husband Phil had their bulldog, Barclay, for three years before having their first child. Before the baby, Barnes said she used to take Barclay to the dog park every afternoon - rain or shine. But since the baby, the outings have been more irregular.

"Barclay would anticipate it and stand by the door," Barnes said on the daily exercise.

Since their new addition, there has been less exercise and more visitors with food. At his last veterinary visit, he had gained five pounds in three months.

This trend is all too common among animals with a new baby in the home.

A recent study conducted by a dog supplement company found that owners with a new baby represented a third of the people asking veterinarians about joint health because of their overweight pets.

Giving a dog adequate physical activity to balance their eating habits, regardless of new changes, is crucial to helping them maintain a healthy weight, according to the ASPCA.