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Expert Hands

-Carol Beavers from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Bailey

Hi Dr. Hashimoto,

Don't know if you remember we brought Bailey and Pepper Beavers, our Australian Shepherds (Dave and Carol, owners) in for health certificates before moving from Hawaii to San Antonio. You felt something in Bailey's abdomen and made us promise to check it out in Texas! We did have it x-rayed and there was a mass there, looking like it came from the spleen.

Today we had an ultrasound done and they told us it is coming from the spleen and there looked to be lesions on the liver and possibly one kidney. His lungs are clear at this time. We have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow, but due to Bailey's age (almost 14) and the possible rapid spread of what they think is probably hemangiosarcoma, we may opt to do nothing and let him enjoy his life without the added trauma of surgery. But we do want to know what all the options are. (we opted not to have a needle biopsy if it was on the spleen due to possible complications and we didn't want to stress him out more)

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your expert hands and finding the mass. You were so kind to us and thoughtful, I thought you might want to know what had happened. By knowing that the mass is there we can be watching for decline and hopefully he won't suffer. So as painful as it is knowing about it, we hope with that knowledge that we can do the right thing by Bailey. So that you for that!

Bailey is still active and playful, so we hope that will continue for a long time. Again, we appreciate your caring and thoughtful ways. Thank you to your staff as well. I'm sorry I can't remember their names, but please tell them thank you too!

Carol Beavers

From Pet to Family Member

-The Shimabukuros from Ewa Beach, HI
Pet Name: Hershey

Dear Dr. Fry and the wonderful staff at VCA,
We thank you so much for taking great care of our dog, Hershey. At first I thought I was getting a dog as a pet, and now I can't remember when she transformed into a family member. Thanks for all your love and kindness, we're grateful for all of you.

Love, The Shimabukuros


-The Matsudas' from Pearl City, HI

Our beloved Kyuri was diagnosed with IMHA in August 2010 and spent 5 days in the hospital where she received the most excellent care any pet could ever receive. The doctors and staff took such good care not only of our pet but of our family, answering all of our questions and concerns. Ultimately we had to make one of the toughest decision to put her to sleep. Even through that process we were constantly assured that she was not in pain and that everything that could have been done had been addressed.
We feel blessed to have been touched by the kindness and expertise of the entire staff of this clinic and will definitely come back when we decide to get another pet.

Pet Image

Dr. Zachary Albudri and Staff are LIFESAVERS

-Renee from Honolulu, HI
Pet Name: Dyna

My husband and I came into the hospital with our small Pomeranian Dyna last Sept. We know our pets very well and although we had no idea "what" was wrong, we did know "something" was wrong with her.

Come to find out she had eclampsia; which is a life-threatening condition. However due to the fast actions of the staff and Dr. Zachary Albudri's quick diagnosis and prompt administration of the proper treatment she was doing great in just a couple of hours.

When we were able to go in and see her she still had an IV in, and looked a bit frazzled, but she was perking up and beginning to act like herself again. After a few hours we got to take her back home with us!

I can not express enough how very thankful we are to everyone there!!

Finally a wonderful Vet

-Kristin Randall from Ewa Beach, HI
Pet Name: Pheonix

I've been looking for a Vet for my two beloved cats that will make us feel like the family next door rather than someone taking up their time. VCA is that Vet. We felt so comfortable and really felt like they cared about our furry babies. From the moment we walked in it was like coming home for a family reunion. The Vet himself was amazing! I've never seen a doctor take such care and attention to detail as he did! I am calling all my friends and family to tell them to come to VCA with their pets. Thank you again for a great experiance.

Cuffs and Dr. Coleman

-cindi flating from honolulu, HI
Pet Name: Cuffs

Dr. Coleman and the entire staff handled my 18 year old kitty, Cuffs, with kid gloves. When it was determined no more could be done for her, Dr. Coleman was there to help me (and Cuffs) through the final minutes of her life. The personal touches (sympathy card, Rainbow Bridge poem) were also much appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Coleman.

Understanding and Friendly staff

-Murata Ohana from Pearl City, HI
Pet Name: Max Murata

I just wanted to take this time to thank the doctor and staff of this hospital. My 6yr old chihuahua max was hit by a car and we took him in. He didn't make it but the staff was very kind and told us they did everything they could do despite that he was dead upon arrival. Somebody met us when we pulled up and immediatly took him and ran into the hospital not knowing weather he as dead or alive. The doctor was so kind in letting us know what she thought had happened and told us that he had died instanly and didn't suffer and the receptionist Jenna was so kind and understanding and patient with us helping us do all the things we needed to get done to the cremation to the urn. I just wanted to let them know what a great help they were and how thoughtful they were.

Very Professional

-Duchess from wahiawa, HI
Pet Name: Duchess

Me and my family just got our first English bulldog. I decided to take her to Pearl City VCA after good references and because she was born at and taken care of by another VCA. Duchess' doc answered all of our questions and gave us her opinions and truly cares for our girl. The staff was friendly from the time we stepped in the door. The best part is they are here for our girl 24/7.Thank you Pearl City VCA!!!

Always Assured.

-Tamaru from Pearl City, HI
Pet Name: Yuni


Thought I'd take the time to write about the service and treatment that I always receive at my doggies Vet. The staff is always helpful and can answer my questions. They know and recognize us as soon as we walk in. Yuni is a frequent visitor there from the moment we got her.
Dr. Kwok, Yuni's vet is very friendly and treats Yuni well. Sometimes I think Yuni knows when its vet time cause she becomes real eager on the drive. Although sometimes the wait can be a bit long. I don't mind it knowing that someone else is probably receiving the same quality and time that I get. I am extremely happy and wouldn't pick any other vet to go to.

trusted staff and doctors

-Maile Pruse from Ewa Beach, HI
Pet Name: maile

I brought my pitbull there for emergency. Story short she did not make it. The staff and doctors were wonderful. After three days I got a sympathy card from the doctor. Such a great feeling that they thought of sending us a sympathy card. After three months we decided to get another pitbull and since then VCA is our dogs permanent clinic to go too. BEST VETERINARIAN CLINIC to bring your pet. They are my new found second family.