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My Vet's Great

-C.T. from Suwanee, GA
Pet Name: Sweetie

Relocating to Gwinnett County required finding veterinary services for my cats and dogs that was closer to my new home. We discovered VCA Falcon Village Animal Hospital on the Internet and have been taking our animals there since 11/2006. As owners of two dogs that are 10+ years old, we found their experience with geriatric canines reassuring. During the time our animals have being going to this facility, we have utilized such services as boarding, grooming, and the gamut of veterinary procedures from preventative care (including dental cleanings) to minor surgeries (including spaying/neutering).

We have nothing but the highest praise and the utmost respect for the entire staff of VCA Falcon Village. The office staff is attentive, going out of their way to offer assistance when they recognize a need. Once, as my dogs were being difficult, a member of the staff saw what was happening and came outside to assist me. The attendants in the kennel always take the time to provide updates on how our animals are doing--once even hand feeding one of my spoiled dogs who was refusing to eat from her bowl. The doctors are thorough and keep us informed; they call when they say they will.

It sounds like a cliche, but the folks at Falcon Village are good people doing a great job taking care of our animals. I couldn't ask or expect anymore than that.

We are ever so grateful

-Renee from Lawrenceville, GA
Pet Name: Max

My senior pet was under the weather without us knowing fully what the problem was till we found VCA. We relocated here from NY and was referred to another Vet for care. We wish we would have done our homework a little more thoroughly. We didn't understand the full meaning of tender loving care and compassion till we made our first visit to VCA here in GA. Its amazing how well we were treated and how professional the services are. In NY we had a vet come to our home we didn't have that service upon our relocation so it was difficult to find what we gave up. Thank you VCA for making the care of our dog so meaningful. Unfortunately I had to have my dog put down but VCA made it possible to spend a memorable week with him and the time the vet stayed on the phone with my husband for reassurance and emotional support tells me that this was the service we needed from the day we stepped foot on Georgia soil. We were treated from beginning to end like long lost friends which gave us the comfort, guidance and support from beginning to end. As I think and so deeply miss my Max I found when I went to the mailbox a wonderful tribute to him a card from the office signed by all and a paw print clay plate from my pet as a wonderful reminder and a mantle piece that will go with my memories forever. If you are thinking about where to go for veterinary care look no further all you need is an appointment and they are flexible. Words can't express our sincere gratitude for making this difficult experience peaceful, thank you VCA.

Falcon Village is Outstanding

-Lawrenceville Dogs Mama from Lawrenceville, GA

Dr. Bell and Dr. Wolczek are wonderful, as are the staff of this practice. They have given professional and loving care to my 2 dogs for several years. The prices may be a little higher here, but worth every penny. Claire is an A+ groomer as well. I would give my highest recommendation to Falcon Village!!

I am so Grateful

-A. Roberts, Jack and Duke's Mom from Lawrenceville, GA
Pet Name: Jack

I am so grateful for having such a wonderful and caring staff to take such good care of my pets. They treat us like family and treat even the most sorrowful times with us with dignity and respect. They are an amazing group of people. Thank you Falcon Village for excellent care and service.

You must read

-Linda Masters from Suwanee, GA
Pet Name: Isabella

I have been going to Falcon Village since 1997 with our pure bred Cairn Terrier. Since her passing 6 years ago, I adopted a rescue Yorkie of 4 months who turned out to be extremely sick with pneumonia and parasites. Dr. Wolczek and Dr. Mashburn were extremely caring and nurturing not to mention being very proactive in taking measures to cure Isabella. From a sick, run down, listless, little puppy to an active, playful and energized 2 year old, I am grateful for their quick, thorough diagnosis and treatment. So many times I was near tears as they continued to show me kindness and care towards me as well. Yes, I do agree with the woman who writes that VCA's services tend to be "a little pricey", but the old adage you get what you pay for, certainly applies to this office. In addition, I am grateful to have them right around the corner and always easily accessible to my sudden needs and/or requests. Another wonderful feature about them is that they will return your phone call within the same day and take all the time you need in answering your questions or helping you through difficult situations.

On another note, I strongly recommend you get your dog groomed here as well. I had gone to several other places over these past 2 years, not being very pleased and walking away feeling sorry for my Issy, who always seemed to look so miserable. So yesterday Isabella had an appt. with Claire for the first time. I knew Claire years ago when she was very young, working at Falcon Village. She has turned out to be a sweet, kind and caring young woman. She is also a great listener. Isabella had the best haircut yet, and I believe if she could talk, would would say "thank you mommy for the best hair cut experience yet" .

In closing, you will be pleased with the staff, and Joanie at the front desk, who is so very personable and friendly, will make you feel welcome and comfortable every time you visit.
If you truly want the best for your pet, you need to bring your pet to VCA Falcon Village Animal Hospital.

great experience

-sahil from lawrenceville, GA
Pet Name: odd

We had a great experience with Falcon Village. I never realized how unsatisfied I was with my previous vet, Banfield, until I took my dog to VCA. I went as a walk-in, designated for Saturdays, which I think is great, because I can't always make an appointment, and even without an appointment it took less time than it would with an appointment at Banfield. Also, Dr. Squires was so wonderful with my dog. She considered several options and made me feel secure that we would get results.

Love Falcon Village and such a friendly staff!

-Michelle Zinn from Suwanee, GA
Pet Name: Ellie

Our family loves VCA Falcon Village. We know we can always bring our dog here and she will be loved and cared for. The staff is always extremely friendly and kind. Claire does an amazing job with grooming and we wouldn't take our sweet girl anywhere else! Thank you to the entire staff for all that you do to make us feel welcome and comfortable.