Cats are just as important as dogs!  At VCA Everett Animal Hospital, we feel that seeing your feline friends annually is just as important as seeing your canine companions.  We are able do evaluate and discuss the overall health of your furry feline and come up with an appropriate treatment plan that works best for your individual pet. 

Some of the areas that we will discuss are:

Cat Weight Management
Weight management and good nutrition are key to keeping your cat healthy! Learn more about managing your cat's weight here.

Cat Life Stages
The average life span of a cat is around 12 to 14 years. With great care, however, chances are that your cat could live much longer. From parasite protection to dental care to nutrition, his needs change as he moves through each stage of life. With VCA’s Best Care Programs, you can be absolutely sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your cat healthy. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

Cat Diabetes
How much do you know about feline diabetes? Are you aware of risk factors? What about which type of diabetes is more common in cats? Find out the answers and book an appointment to have your cat checked today.

From heartworms to fleas to ear mites, your cat has a lot of little critters to contend with. At VCA Everett, we can help protect your cat from parasites Our doctors will prescribe the appropriate medication to safely keep your cat healthy and happy. We can even help keep your life simple with our Home Delivery service of pet medications.

Cat Breeds
Each unique cat breed carries with it the personality traits we love and enjoy. However, do you know what health issues your cat is most prone to? Click the link above to locate your cat breed and learn more about these potential issues. Together, we can help assure your cat lives a healthy and happy life.