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Thank You

-Erica Della Ragione from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Carly Rusty

I just wanted to say Thank You a million times for all of your continued help!!!

I relocated to North East, MD in January of 2011 and needed a new Vet for my two Yorkies, Carly and Rusty. I looked up numerous vets in the area and VCA Elkton was by far the best choice as it is the only Vet hospital that is actually AAHA-accredited.

Dr. Julie Bennington, Tabitha, and the rest of her staff are knowledgeable, patient, and kind. They have been extremely caring and helpful going the extra mile to care for and treat my dogs.

Through Dr. B's extensive care she found out that my Yorkie boy, Rusty, had Lyme's disease, which was misdiagnosed by my previous Veterinarian. Dr. B put Rusty on an immediate treatment plan and helped extend his quality of life and time with me.

I have since moved out to California this past October 2012 and even though Dr. B, Tabitha, and the rest of the staff at VCA Elkton are no longer my primary Veterinarian, they still have helped me out in emergency situations whenever I call them for help.

Rusty's illness ended up being too much for him this past December 2012 and I first reached out to Dr. B with my concerns. Again, she was no longer my primary Vet, but Dr. B went out of her way to coordinate with my current vet and help me best decide what was best for Rusty, as she actually genuinely cares about her patients and their owners. Rusty unfortunately passed away and Dr. B and her staff were there to console me in my time of grieving.

Recently, my Yorkie girl, Carly broke her leg and I reached out to Dr. B. She again has been so responsive and caring about the treatment for Carly.

I wish I could move this hospital out here with me to continue to give their exceptional care for my Carly!

If you are looking for a Veterinarian that actually cares about you, your pet, and works at such a high standard of care, then this is your place!

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I never knew pet care could be like this

-Linda Hall from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Nessie

My beagle mix, Nessie, has always been terrified of having her nails clipped. Many years ago I gave up trying to do it myself because she would try to jerk her paw away and I was afraid I would inadvertently hurt her. I used to take her to a groomer. The groomer started complaining to me about how misbehaved she was. I decided to stop taking her there, and started having my vet's office do it. (Not VCA - a different office.) They would have one person hold her rough and hard, while the other zipped through cutting the nails as fast as they could, all the while Nessie was howling in fear. There was one woman there who was a bit gentler and more compassionate, so I started requesting her. The last time I went to make an appointment there, I was told that woman no longer worked there. I had been considering switching to VCA because it was so much closer to my home. I had checked out the website and liked the philosophy of the practice and the testimonials I had read. So I decided to switch. Wow, what a difference. Nessie did not like to be touched on her belly, so they were happy to sit on the floor with her rather than lifting her onto an exam table. They were kind and patient with her. After a few visits, Nessie didn't shake violently on the way to the vet anymore.
We recently lost Nessie. She never did learn to like having her nails cut, but with the compassion and patience of Shannon, Erin and Tabitha, it went from an ordeal I dreaded to no big deal.
Dr. Bennington was great with Nessie as well. I would highly recommend VCA.


-Becky Earley from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Tango

VCA in Elkton, Maryland has been treating my Boston Terrior, Tango for 15 months. I knew on our first visit it was the place for us. The office is very clean, the staff is so friendly, kind, and compassionate. My little guy loves going there, he goes once a month, checks himself in and gives lots of kisses Dr. B has always answered all my questions, listens to any concerns I may have, shows compassion, but most of all, we have some minor issues and Dr. B has always taken my calls and has made follow up calls to check on the progress. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. B and her staff for your pet care. I would like to take a minute to thank Dr. B and her staff for the AWESOME care that my little man (and I) receive. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Saved the Life of Jake

-Vince falkowski from Wilmington, DE

Jake is our dog. Next month Jake will be 16 years old. Jake would have never lived to be 12 years old, if it wasn't for Doctor Bennington and her staff at the Elton Animal VCA. Doctor Bennington found cancer in Jake, no bigger than a pea. The cancer was treated and Jake recovered. Jake has gone to this Hospital since he was a puppy and we are extremely happy with his overall wellness care. The entire staff at the Elkton VCA is and always have been the most professional personal staff. Also, I must mention that the staff at the Elkton VCA are the extremely helpful and very friendly. Thank you; Doctor Bennington and the Staff at the Elkton VCA...Vince Falkowski

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They really care about my dog

-Becca from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Echo

I love VCA Elkton! The staff all know my dog and me by name, even when I drop by unannounced. Dr. Bennington really cares about my dog and always explains the situation and gives me a number of options to choose from. This choice is great so I understand the risks and costs for all options and can pick the best one for us. I have received calls from the staff and Dr. Bennington after my appointments to make sure that my dog is feeling well or getting better. Having a veterinarian with a good bedside manner that you know cares about your dog is a true blessing, especially if your dog is very sick. When my dog ate corn cobs and needed surgery to remove them as they were blocking his intestinal track, Dr. Bennington and the office staff were very sympathetic and supportive - calling to check up on him and me frequently. I could not ask for a better vet and I will always take my dog to Dr. Bennington.

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MD State Police Sincerely Appreciates Dr. B

-Lt. J. E. DeCourcey from Columbia, MD
Pet Name: K-9 Akita

Dr. Bennington, I would like to express our appreciation for the care and attention you provided our K-9 Belgian Malinois, Akita, after her mishap on Jan 16, 2015. Akita is essentially a family member, coworker and valued part of our investigative team in Northern Region Criminal Enforcement Division. Sgt. Mike Conner and Cpl. Melissa Connolly spoke highly of you and your staff's responsiveness during the traumatic time for our unit. They advised you and your staff acted as if Akita was member of your own family. Not only did you provide excellent care, you helped ease the anxiety our troopers were experiencing during the trying time. Akita has recovered fully and seems unfazed. She is back to work and has lost no zeal, which is obvious as she dismantles various toys throughout her day. Again, I would like to express our sincere appreciation. Thank you. Sincerely, James E. DeCourcey, Lieutenant Commander, Northern Region, CED Maryland State Police

The Entire Staff Rocks!!!

-Karen from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Bailey

My Brittany spaniel was attacked by 2 pit bulls, my first call was to Dr. Bennington to see if she had time to help and thankfully she did. Several hours later, I was able to bring Bailey home. Honestly Bailey was in bad condition (one hind leg was 3 times the size of the other and over 40 wounds). Dr. B thought of everything between her and the staff they took all measures to keep her from getting infections, pain management and preventive for rabies. It was the most horrible event but Dr. B and the entire staff helped Bailey and me through the whole process. Dr. Garneau-So did Bailey’s follow up. Bailey is almost completely herself now. Thank you all for each part you played in her recovery and mine!