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Thanks for Taking Care of My Little Angel

-Tammy and David Sonnier from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Callie Ann

Dearest Dr. B and Staff,
We want to thank you and your staff for taking care of Callie Ann in her time of need and the year that we were blessed with her. We really do appreciate everything you did for her and for us. All of you are an AMAZING TEAM and a wonderful group of people that we have been blessed to know and consider our friends. We thought that you guys would love to see Callie Ann in all her glory and enjoying her life before she left us.
We miss her so much and we know that she misses her vet family as well. Thank you again for taking care of our precious Angel!
With Love and Gratitude Always. Callie Ann says thank you and she misses you and hopes you love her pictures.

Ava's Miracle

-Cheryl and Mike from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Ava

I was new to this state, got a puppy who ended up not being a healthy puppy, and Dr. B and all of her staff acted quickly when they realized how serious Ava's condition was. I had never been to such a caring facility before. I believe they helped us save Ava's life, who is now on the road to recovery. Ava and our family are so grateful for the care we receive there, and will continue to visit VCA for all of our needs.

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Genuine Care Compassion Help and Support

-Thomas Petito from Rising Sun, MD
Pet Name: Calvin

Dear Dr. Bennington, this is to thank you for the inestimable amount of genuine care, compassion, help, and support you provided to my beloved Calvin and me. Although Calvin was a patient of yours for a very short time, you attended to him as if you were long-time friends. Your sympathy and presence while I had to make the decision for that "final act of love" for his journey back home to God will forever be greatly cherished. You, Dr. Bennington, will forever be held in the highest esteem and affection.

There is now a massive void in my life. Please allow me to share why I am so immensely grieved. Out of all the pets I have had since a child (cats and dogs), and I loved them all, Calvin stole my heart the first time I saw him (he could not have been more than 5 inches long). When I took him home almost four years ago, I was 6 months from retiring (from police work) and really thought we would see old age together. He was the most demonstratively affectionate cat I ever had. He was very vocal, he loved to cuddle, and he was very playful. Calvin knew when I was not feeling well (as you know I have a chronic illness and survived cancer twice); he would comfort me with sloppy "kisses." His eyes were so full of expression. He always looked at me so lovingly. After you assessed Calvin on that Monday, 16 April, I knew what was coming. I was a cop - I saw many bad things and had to do some bad things. But it hurt so, so much. I had to bear the unbearable. I can go on ad nauseam, but I am sure you now understand.

Without your genuine interest and feeling, this would have been much more difficult. Lastly, your staff, especially Tabitha, were very kind and comforting.

Again, thank you! With utmost regard and affection, Thomas V. Petito

Great Care of My Phoebe

-Barbara and Norma Rookard from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Phoebe

Dr. Bennington and Staff,

How can I ever thank you all enough for taking such great care of my Phoebe? It was heartbreaking to lose her, but I feel certain that I was blessed to have her for another year because of your excellent attention!

Thank you ALL so much!

A Vet That Cares

-Kelly and Rob Green from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Lily

Dr. Bennington, I just wanted to say thanks for staying late to see Lily. I'm glad that we have a vet that cares so much. I felt helpless being away when she was sick but I knew she was in good hands.

Love this place

-Terry Meadows from North East, MD
Pet Name: Jadzia Dax

This is the best veterinary hospital I've been too. They love animals and it shows. Starting over after 13 years with a new puppy they we're really helpful.

Gave Me My Dog Back

-Susan Benway from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Shelby

Dear Dr. B and Staff, thank you for everything you've done to give me my dog back. Shelby hasn't looked this good in years!

Very impressive and apprectiated

-Ken C from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Maggie

Maggie is a 10 year old Beagle who is quite fortunate to have a veterinarian/friend as competent and dedicated as Dr. Bennington. With the support of her skilled staff Dr. Bennington, quickly and methodically reached a diagnosis with Maggie indicating a serious internal condition. She then efficiently networked with other co-professionals at VCA Newark, Drs. Miller and Jaeger. Within one day of Maggie's initial examination, Dr. Miller confirmed Dr. Bennington's conclusions with an ultrasound and Dr. Jaeger performed an emergency splenectomy which went flawlessly. Their combined efforts and capabilities literally saved Maggie's life, and my family and I are very grateful.

I would also like to add this: As I was walking back to my car at the VCA hospital in Newark after consulting with Dr. Miller, my cell phone rang. It was Dr. Bennington; I believe it was about 8pm, so Dr. Bennington's office would have been closed. She had just spoken with Dr. Miller and was following up with me to make sure I understood the process that lay ahead. That was a much appreciated phone call from a very dedicated, capable veterinarian.
Again thanks to all.

Ken C.

Hurricane Snowboots Proctor

-Rebecca Proctor from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Hurricane Snowboots

First of all, I would like to Thank Dr. Bennington and the staff at VCA Elkton Hospital for taking such good care of our precious kitty cat Hurricane Snowboots. When Hurricane got sick last week, Dr. Bennington and the entire staff worked hard to make sure he received, no less than the best treatment, to get him better. They treated us like family and that means a lot. The knowledge of Dr. Bennington and the staff is truly INCREDIBLE! There is no doubt whatsoever, that your pet is getting the best medical treatment. I honestly would not trust any other Veterinary or facility for Hurricane's needs. Our Lil man is once again running around the house, sneak attacking, and biting our toes.

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Nothing is more refreshing than genuine kindness

-Ann Sentman from Annapolis, MD
Pet Name: Emma

Dear Dr. Bennington and Staff,
Thank you all so much for taking such good care of Emma during our recent stay in Elkton. It was a very stressful time and having Emma sick made everything so much more difficult. Everyone was so very caring and friendly. I was confident that Emma was in good hands. She is doing very well since we got home last week. Ben is so happy to have his playmate well again.
We are in Elkton frequently and sometimes for many weeks so we may see you again. Good to know that you are there. Thank you so much.