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Published: Apr 26, 2011

Pit bulls often make headlines, typically because they are involved in a vicious attack. The media coverage of such incidents has led to the animals acquiring a less-than-positive reputation, but many owners of these dogs argue that they are a naturally loving and loyal breed, according to Oregon Live.

The news source states that the unsavory reputation of pit bulls may date back to 1987, when a widely popular cover of Sports Illustrated depicted a snarling pit bull. Since then, they have gained notoriety as fighting dogs, particularly when mentioned in high-profile cases, such as that of football star Michael Vick.

"People always know something about the pit bull, whether it's correct or not," Katie Williams, who works for a pit bull advocacy group in Oregon, told the news source. She currently runs something called "bully walks," an event that aims to dispel some of the negative rumors surrounding the breed.

According to, in most cases of pit bull violence, the dogs have been trained by owners to be aggressive. Because of this, many of the dogs are up for pet adoption, including those who have loving, tender personalities.