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By VCA Elkton
Published: December 31, 1969

$15.00 VACCINE SPECIAL!! We’re offering $15 vaccines with a paid exam starting Wed Oct 1, 2014!

Pets, like people can be protected from many highly contagious and deadly diseases by vaccination. The widespread use of vaccines within the last century has helped prevent death and disease in millions of animals. Since vaccinations are safe and inexpensive, there is no reason to let your pet go unprotected!

Vaccinations are very important for your pet. Along with regular veterinary exams, they are vital steps in safeguarding your pet from serious and life-threatening diseases. These vaccinations can even protect YOU from life-threatening diseases, such as Rabies and Leptospirosis.

Available vaccines for Dogs:
• Rabies
• Distemper
• Parvovirus
• Leptospirosis
• Lyme
• Kennel Cough
• Flu

Available vaccines for Cats:
• Rabies
• Distemper Combo (FVRCP)
• Leukemia