VCA Elk Grove Animal Hospital Testimonials

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A Great Place to Come

-ML from Elk Grove, CA
Pet Name: Zigfried and Monty

There is no better staff than at EG VCA Vet. Everyone is part of your pet's care and you feel confident that your pet will be well cared for by all the staff.

Puurrfect Service

-Jenny Nelson from Elk Grove, CA
Pet Name: Abyy, Duncan, Jabbers, and Lady

This place is absolutley amazing. Me and my parents take our cats here every time for their checkups. Everyone is super friendly, and I enjoy coming! I've decided that when I get out of high school, I want to work here as well!!

You Rock

-Peg Mike from Elk Grove, CA
Pet Name: Pongo Maezie

We have been with EG VCA since 2003. Since our first visit we have had nothing but an outstanding experience. First of all Dr. Benjamin Brault (our Dr. for all of these years) is a very thorough and competent Dr. He has treated both of our dogs with excellence from diagnoses to treatment plan to follow-up appointments. He truly has a very personable and caring side. Second: The entire staff is fantastic. Whether on the phone or in person they treat you like a special person. The staff is very knowledgeable and sympathetic with your needs and concerns providing prompt appointments as needed. Outstanding service. We have recommended your facility to many friends. We have never had a bad experience. Thank you all for caring.

My cats love you

-Tracey Smith from Elk Grove, CA

My nine cats love Dr. Van Riper and the way she interacts with them. If my oldest, Cassidy, would leave me, it would be for Dr. Van Riper! Thanks from my crew to the VCA Elk Grove crew for all of your hard work!

Tracey, Cassidy, Spike, Sundance, Digger, Etta, Snowflake, Copper, Jimmie Choo and Cobalt

Dr. Van Riper and her team are the Best in the Wes

-Claudia Franson from Rancho Murieta, CA
Pet Name: Codybear and Gabby

I've been going to VCA Elk Grove Animal Hospital for probably 20 years. I LOVE everyone there. We've seen every employee at one time or another. They are the most wonderful kind caring professional people. I only have one regret-that is they don't treat people. They call the next day to ask how my dog or cat is doing after a problem or procedure. I've never had my MD do that!
We love you guys
Claudia (923) Codybear and Gabby and Grumpy (aka dad)

Pet Image

Worth a drive

-Nia from West Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Heffalump

I was living close to the Elk Grove VCA the first time I brought my puppy in for his exam and vaccinations. Now, I've moved to West Sacramento, but still drive to Elk Grove when Heffalump needs to go in. All the employees know him by name and give him wonderful attention and care. They are patient and kind and attentive. I have no desire to go anywhere else.

The great VET team ever

-Jay Whaley from Elk Grove, CA
Pet Name: Bo and Korah

I would like to give everyone at the VCA hospital a very big Kudos. The two personal that I would like to especially thank is Doctor Armstrong and Marlene. The Doc is the smartest VET I have ever known, she figured what was wrong with my LAB without costing me to much money. Next is my favorite office person Marlene she made us feel like family when I had to put my best friend down. We are going to miss you guys when we leave for the Philippines. Our two dogs, says thank you very much for your kindness.


-Mochis Mom from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Mochi

I have been taking Mochi to Dr Armstrong and her staff for over a year and I could not be happier. They are very conscientious and thorough. Mochi just loves going there. I trust her completely and would recommend them to everybody.

Pet Image

5 star place!

-Amber from Elk Grove, CA
Pet Name: Molly Castro

I had a amazing experience my whole respect and understanding of my chihuahua Molly's Health needs I give all my new outlook to Dr Jana Grant this doctor showed she isn't there for just the money she loves animals she took careful care of my terrified shaking crying by baby girl by getting a relationship with her that I was impressed I never seen a veterinary dr even care about a relationship with any of my other animals or family's animals dr Grant is amazing if she was only in it for money shed not of spend time speaking to me about a new study it was her time and I wasn't even billed for that. Lol I think staff was very nice to me I recommend this place and love the prices and will return to see dr Grant I love her because she loved Molly and the only one to encourage me to continue to keep my dogs health up because she truly does care thank you doctor Grant...your amazing and the very best ever ..thank you VCA elk grove animal hospital staff and special thanks to Amber too she's very understanding...