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My Dogs Hearing

-Tatiana Morejon from East Brunswick, NJ
Pet Name: Zack

My dog Zack is 9 years old and is a cocker spaniel, so he gets chronic ear infections. I've gone to countless veterinary hospitals all over the county and I must say that Edgebrook is the best I have seen. They got to us quickly and helped get my Zack on antibiotics in just thirty minutes. If you need a place to go in an emergency, come here. You wont regret it.

Wonderful Doctors and Staff

-Stephanie Lajeskie and family from North Brunswick, NJ
Pet Name: Bandit

Over the past seven years, we have made countless visits to VCA/Edgebrook Animal Hospital, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the doctors and staff! We have had several pets with serious medical conditions. Dr. Slade and his staff have never failed to go the extra mile � always spending plenty of time answering questions and explaining our options. They have provided exceptional care, and on many occasions worked miracles � not only extending, but improving the quality of our pets' lives beyond our expectations. From our dogs to our guinea pig, they have treated every one of our pets with the same high quality care and incredible compassion.

I have never come across a more caring or supportive group of people than the staff at Edgebrook Animal Hospital. When I walk in the door, I feel as though I'm visiting family. They create a friendly, welcoming environment that makes a trip to the vet's office a truly pleasant experience! They treat my family's pets as they would their own, and have been with us through the extremely happy and deeply sad times (and everything in between).

As with all family members, we want what is best for our pets. We know at Edgebrook Animal Hospital, they are in the best possible hands. It gives us tremendous peace of mind to know that our friends at Edgebrook are always there for us!

The Very Best - Without Equal

-Patrick Mills from South River, NJ
Pet Name: Buddy

I have had the misfortune of having 3 cats contract incurable diseases in the last 7 years. Dr. Slade and his staff has cared for each of them and they all received the kindest and most sensitive treatment by all who attended them.

While it is difficult to lose a loved one, it is a comfort to know that these wonderful people know that they are treating family members and do their very best.

I will never go anywhere else.

Courteous Professional Staff

-Rebecca from North Brunswick, NJ

I have been bringing my pets to Edgebrook Animal Hospital for five years. Dr. Slade has taken great care of my 13 year old mini dachshund through her back problems and dirty teeth. He was supportive when I decided to change to a raw homemade diet during the pet food recall of 2007, ensuring I was getting all the right stuff into my animals. Most recently, after my youngest cat began displaying odd behavior, Dr. Slade was able to immediately diagnose her with a rare disorder called feline hyperesthesia syndrome. This early diagnosis allowed for quick treatment. When I had to bring my pup in late one evening when she was crying and limping, Dr. Green was able to determine that it was not her leg, but actually her neck that was hurt. She made the diagnosis, and even calmed Mom when I realized the injury may require extensive testing and surgery to prevent damage and paralysis. Everyone at Edgebrook is supportive and knowledgeable. They even have acupuncture which my pup may need in the near future. I would not want to bring my kids anywhere else!

Wonderful Experience

-Roslyn Selznick from East Brunswick, NJ
Pet Name: Chloe

I have been coming to Edgebrook Animal Hospital for many years.
Dr. Slade and the staff are the most kind and considerate people I know.
They go above and beyond what they have to do.
When my previous dog Brittany had become very sick, and there was nothing more Dr. Slade could do, and it was time to put her to sleep, Dr. Slade came in on his day off to be there for us. I will never forget it.
I would never go anywhere else.
Also, the receptionists are terrific.
They make you feel like an individual not a number. The same things go for the doctors.
I now have a four year old malti-poo who is treated just as royally.

Pet Image

Exotic Pet Care

-Sherry from Jamesburg, NJ
Pet Name: Ozzy

I am very thankful that Dr. Slade treats birds and exotic pets, and not only because most veterinarians won't. He has been providing expert care for my domestic skunks for over ten years, including spaying/neutering; check-ups; x-rays and emergency care. I am provided with detail results of blood work as Dr. Slade is well versed in blood normals for skunks. And because skunks are rabies vector species, Dr. Slade and his staff take necessary precaution so that every visit is a safe and happy one!

Nothing but Kindness from Edgebrook

-Karen Timpson from Old Bridge, NJ
Pet Name: Pippi

I have to tell you briefly of my experience with Edgebrook. Years ago I ran into a problem with a rescue dog I had to take to Edgebrook too be fixed. It was part of the agreement I made with the rescue. The dog was in a lot of pain and when I called the office to ask them what I could do to help him with the pain, the girl who answered was so nasty I never took any of my animals back.

Recently I had to bring a stray cat I found to the Vet. The producers' were very costly and when I called my Vet I used for years the price I was given floored me. I contacted Edgebrook and explained that my husband has been out of work for 4 years due to going blind in his left eye and we have been fighting the State to get him on disability with no luck so far. Money is very tight and after explaining this to Meredith, the office manager, she spoke to Dr. Slade and he agreed to discount these costly expenses. Although it was a lot of money he was kind enough to understand our problems and that we wanted to do the right thing for Pippi our new kitten. Meredith, kept me up dated every day on how Pippi was doing, Pippi had to stay 2 days. Her kindness blew me away. I always thought office people are the one's you are in contact with more-so then the Dr.'s and if the office staff is mean, or un-caring it could be the down fall of any business. Having 2 cats and 1 kitten I would never take my animals to any one else but Edgebrook now. I have to also mention that the price I was given was what I was charged even with a couple extra thing's Pippi had to have done. If I had to rate Edgebrook on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a 100.

Thanks to Dr. Slade, Meredith, & all the staff, you are all true angels.

Nothing But The Best For Family

-Karen Rauchbach from East Brunswick, NJ
Pet Name: Sambuka

Sambuka, Our Beautiful Black Lab was 8 when she swallowed a long black sock that became twisted around her intestines. While I panicked, Dr. Otto quickly,kindly and efficiently, through surgery, saved Sambuka's life. Fast forward 2 years, Sambuka, now 10 once again needed Edgebrook's help. A mass was removed from her neck. Dr. Slade took such special care of her and she once again CAME HOME. Having the Dr's and Staff at Edgebrook is so comforting. Sambuka is our family and loved more than the world, so we know ONLY THE BEST FOR HER = ONLY EDGEBROOK.

Outstanding Care, Exceptional Staff

-Janis from Edison, NJ
Pet Name: Harlee and Lily

After years of using another veterinary group, I was very disappointed by the care and treatment of my 2 boxers at that facility. After reading information about Edgebrook, I decided to try them and can't begin to say how great everyone is at the office and how pleased I am that I have taken my pups to them. The staff is efficient and competent but not to the point of being uncaring, as is often the case. Dr. Slade is absolutely wonderful and is willing to spend time to answer questions and alleviate concerns. Both Merediths at the front desk are genuine caring people and take the time to explain and answer questions. My sincere compliments to everyone at this office for taking the time to make your office everything that it is - - EXCEPTIONAL!

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

-Rhea Anne from Elizabeth, NJ
Pet Name: Charlie

We have been blessed to have amazing dogs in our life. They have been blessed to have Edgebrook in their lives.

When we moved to New Jersey in 1997, we researched veterinarians who offered some homeopathic treatment as well as conventional medicine. Because we had a poodle, Spike, who was already almost 13 years old and had responded to well to chiropractic and acupuncture in the past.

Dr. Schenk was the medical director at the time and included supplements in Spike's care. We were blessed to have her for another 2.5 years.

Fast forward 1 year to our newest family member, Charlie, a Shi Tzu/Poodle mix with a great disposition and fabulous tail (who is now almost 13 years old). Dr. Slade, the new Clinic Director, takes excellent care of Charlie - and Dr. Schenk, now semi-retired offers acupuncture weekly for those who are interested. Charlie is in excellent health and actually wags his tail when he sees his Edgebrook friends.

The front office team and technicians are as important to Charlie's experience as the doctors. Jackie and Meredith are particularly fond of our guy - and he of of them.

Perhaps most importantly, when Spike had come to the end of her life with us, the staff supported and grieved with us.

Edgebrook Animal Hospital is a place where you are welcome and cared for with special attention every single time you walk in the door. The staff celebrates the wins and helps you face the challenges with compassion and respect.

I hope you'll take the time to discover what so many of us have known for many, many years - they're the best!