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VCA East Penn Animal Hospital

-Marci and Geoff Albert from Emmaus, PA
Pet Name: Guiness and Harp

The Staff at VCA East Penn provides nothing less than "Gold Standard Care" for your pet's individual needs. With outstanding service to pets and their owners, they take the time to answer questions, provides resources, discuss alternative therapies, and follow-up with owners regarding a pet's post-visit status. Their mission of comfort, expert care, and a passion for medicine shines through with every visit. Over the past several years, our cats have been treated with gentleness, exemplary medical treatment, and thrive as a result of the services your hospital bestows.
Thanks from the bottom of Our Paws,
Marci and Geoff

VCA East Penn Animal Hospital's Excellent Care

-Tara from Emmaus, PA
Pet Name: Shyla

I recently switched from a veterinarian group in Allentown, PA to VCA East Penn Animal Hospital. I am very happy with my decision to do so. The transition could not have gone any smoother. Every staff member at VCA East Penn is dedicated to giving each and every animal the best quality care. My dog is significantly more comfortable at this hospital than the previous one. I have been quite impressed with the hospitals commitment to preventative health care. As a nurse working on my Master's degree I value this focus to allow my dog to live a long and healthy life (plus it saves me money). Unfortunately, my dog recently developed a small lump on her leg. The VCA East Penn hospital had an appointment for her to see them the following day. This veterinary hospital did an excellent job keeping me informed of the cytology results of the lump and although the results were not great news, within two days of receiving these results my dog was scheduled and had surgery to remove this cancer. All of the veterinarians at VCA East Penn have been very knowledgable and take ample time to answer any questions or concerns unlike the previous veterinarian my dog Shyla was seeing. For all these reasons and more I would recommend the VCA East Penn Animal Hospital to anyone who wants their animal to get the best care possible.

Satisfied Customers

-Gail from Emmaus, PA
Pet Name: Quinn Kippurr Toffee

We have had cats cared for by East Penn for more than thirty years. Some of them have had needs that were quite a challenge, but the caring and competent staff has always been there to see us through. We wouldn't entrust our pets' health and well-being to anyone else.

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Bella and Bentley

-Jessica from Emmaus, PA

I currently have 2 Boston Terrier's under the care of the VCA hospital in Emmaus. The care and dedication the staff of tech's and doctor's have for their animals is truly amazing. And it is because of this staff that my animals receive the best care possible. Thank you guys for everything you do and have done for my animals and every other animal there...You have hearts of gold.

Thank You to Dr. Payne and Staff

-Amanda and Chad Kusko from Breinigsville, PA
Pet Name: Mattingly

Dr. Payne,

It has been about three months since Mattingly's surgery and she continues to do great following her recovery. She is more active than ever and retrieves tennis balls as intensely as we can remember. We feel so fortunate to have our old Mattingly back.
Obviously, the entire experience was a bit overwhelming for our entire family (especially Yogi), but we want to express our sincerest and deepest gratitude for your guidance and support throughout that period. We are sure that you treat all of your clients with the same passion and commitment, but we feel that you went above and beyond your professional responsibilities in helping us work through Mattingly's illness. We sincerely appreciate the time that you took to provide us your thoughts on our questions, and sometimes, to just listen as we shared our concerns.
The day of the Mattingly's surgery was extremely difficult, and although optimistic because of your involvement in conjunction with that of Dr. Zeltzman, we truly had no idea what to expect. We continued to hope for the best throughout the day and can't express in words how we felt when you explained your findings and your updated prognosis.
We understand that being a veterinarian is your career and that you strive to excel professionally in your career. However, it is very evident that helping animals and their owners means much more to you than just a professional career. We feel fortunate to have you as Yogi and Mattingly's veterinarian.
We'd be remiss to not mention the support of your entire staff also, as everyone was so helpful and positive from start to finish. Thank you again for everything throughout this process. Yogi especially says thank you.

With deepest regards,

Amanda, Chad, Chase, Parker, Mattingly and Yogi Kusko

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Timbers Tale...

-Heather and Chad from Emmaus, PA
Pet Name: Timber

I will make a VERY LONG story short...
Timber would NOT be around if it wasn't for Dr. Payne and the wonderful Staff at VCA in Emmaus!
Unfortunately Timber had some issues with bladder stones the night we were scheduled to go on a weeks vacation...
And to make matters worse, it was AFTER normal vet hours... We had no choice other than to take Timber to Valley Central to at least be seen-Because Dr. Payne wouldn't be in until Monday :(
After Timber finally made it to our home vet, East Penn VCA, after the LOOONG weekend, we knew he was in safe "paws".
Dr. Payne explained EVERYTHING very thoroughly to us and had us come and meet with him about Timber more than one time to know of all of the cat's options. (Even after the surgery at Valley Central, we had 2 more surgeries at East Penn to save our kitty!)
Dr. Payne helped us along the way thru all Timber complications, and the girls were wonderful with helping ME mostly get thru all the hard times after surgery.
Today it is over a year since Timber has his PU Surgery and all I have to say is that without Dr. Payne and the Staff at VCA, I know he would have made it!
We could NEVER thank Dr. Payne and the girls enough for EVERYTHING that they did... Especially when I was a worried "momma hen" about the smallest little thing.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You saved our cat's life!

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RIP Baby

-Daniel Dawkins from Allentown, PA
Pet Name: Baby

I first want to say the staff and doctors at this hospital are INCREDIBLE no matter what time of the day! I took my dog of 15 years to this animal hospital because she was not doing well on 09/30/2010 at 8pm. At this time i already knew she was an old dog and i would have to let go sooner then later. The doctors and nurses there were VERY comforting with sitting down with me and takin all the time i needed to explain what was wrong with my dog, Baby. Even as i am pretty much cryin my eyes out cuz it was like a child i was loosing the doctors and staff still patiently waited until i was finished with my last goodbyes to my dog. We left around 9:30pm. And the experience there was great; i do have two other dogs that i will be using this facility as there primary healthcare place. Thank you very much VCA and also thank you for the card you sent to my house in remembrance of my babygirl. =]

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Maxwell Pugsley a happy one-eyed Pug

-Ellen and Robert Miller from Macungie, PA
Pet Name: Maxwell

We are long overdue commending Dr. Payne and the wonderful staff at VCA East Penn for their excellent treatment and follow-up care of Max. When Max developed an ugly eye infection last Spring, Dr. Payne determined that Max was not producing tears in his right eye. After a difficult period of trying to treat the eye with drops, the pain for Max (and us) became unbearable.
As painful as removing the eye sounded, the resulting lack of pain and great joy on Max's face after recovering from surgery can only be described in this photo!
Dr. Payne was very patient explaining every detail involved. The follow-up care by Dr. Payne and the staff was excellent.
Just recently, Max suffered unexplained vomiting and again, Dr. Payne treated him with detailed care hydrating and medicating him. We were scared as Max is a senior citizen at 10 years old. When Dr. Payne called the next day with good results from his bloodwork, Max was already much better. Today he is better than ever.
We commend Dr. Payne and the staff at VCA East Penn for their professional work. They really care and always follow up to be sure Max is doing well.

Simon and Ciara

-Karen Heinze from Emmaus, PA
Pet Name: Ciara, Simon, and Tank

Last year Simon, my 10 yr old cat, was sick. I had never been to this vet before, but he needed immediate care. They were able to see him right away. Let me just say, when I walked into the office, I was greeted as if every staff member and vet had personally known me for years! I knew Simon was in the best hands! Ciara was an 18yr old female, my little lady! Because of her age and some medial issues that were starting to effect her health, I had to put her rest. I struggled with this and other options for a week, would call the office every day and deliberate with who ever answered the phone, the agony I was going through! Every time I called, they made me feel as if Ciara and I were all that mattered! I will be forever grateful to this hospital, vets, and staff for helping me get through this very emotional time! We also have a puppy now, Tank, he is 1 yr old June 10th, and I guarantee you, they will be seeing us for many more years!

They Care

-Erin Roe from Moscow, PA

I used to live in Emmaus. I got a new puppy. She is a Husky name Daisy. Whenever I needed to go in to make sure she had all her shots and everything Daisy needed they were so accommodating. They actually cared about my pet. They did not just treat her like another number. They greeted her, by name, every time we walked in the door. They were so helpful and informative. I moved an hour and a half away and tried out [another] local hospital. I now have 2 cats and 2 dogs I put in the car and drive the hour and a half to go to the VCA East Penn because the other one was terrible. Emmaus treated my pets like family where the other one treated them like a #. They are the best!!