• Hospital Manager

    Kim Wolf

    Kim joined the VCA team back in 1998 as a receptionist. Since then she has worked for many  VCA hospitals in the Tri-State area. Back in 2010 she worked for VCA East Penn as a receptionist and with the experience thru the years with customer service has brought her back to VCA East Penn as there New Hospital Manager.  She is looking forward to working with this great team again. Kim loves spending time at home with her family and various pets which include Max , MoMo, Barney and Little Joey.

     Why I do what I do: My love for animals started at a very young age and when I started working, it was always a job in customer service. Which I loved. I thought what a wonderful opportunity to combine the two things I love to do. Helping people and their beloved pets. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a puppy or kitten for the first time and watching them grow. Sharing all those great stories with the pet parents. And being there during the most difficult times giving hugs and the support that they need. It's such a joy to work with a staff that shares the same compassion and drive that I have. That what makes us such an awesome team!!