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    Kendall M.

    Kendall was born in Mount Pocono and moved to Phoenixville in 2000. She attended Montgomery Community College where she studied computer science. She plans on continuing her education in animal science. Kendall began working at VCA in 2014. In her free time she enjoys playing video games, drawing, and spending time with her friends. She lives at home with her 2 dogs Zoey and Tucker and a ferret named Nuka.      Why I do what I do: Ever since I was little, I've had a passion for animals. I've had lots of pets- dogs, frogs, lizards, snakes, ferrets and an iguana. For a while I wanted to work with pets. I haven't gotten the chance until I started working at VCA. I love every minute of my job. Helping pets is absolutely priceless. A bond between an owner and a pet is like no other. I want to make a difference and help any pet that walks through our doors.