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Rootie Kazootie

-Kathleen and Paul Junker from Vancouver, WA

Rootie Kazootie and his mom, Poppy-Whiskers and his aunt, Merilegs, have been patients of Dr. Lynn at EMPAH hospital all their lives. In fact, Rootie Kazootie was delivered by Dr. Lynn. We have been patients for about 15 years and have had wonderful care and great service the entire time. We consider Dr. Lynn a dear friend and love the staff at EMPAH . They have helped us enjoy the good times and helped us through the bad times with great compassion. We recommend them to everyone and trust them completely with our beloved pets. Sincerely, Kathleen and Paul Junker

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Thanks to the Staff at VCA Mill Plain Vancouver

-Sally Stalnaker from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Lucy and Gracie

Testimony: Why I choose to bring pets to VCA E. Mill Plain

I've brought my pets (dogs, rabbit, bird) to E. Mill Plain VCA (in Vancouver) since 1995. My pets are my family. I keep returning because of the staff. The doctors are very competent, caring, compassionate, and considerate while explaining the options and demonstrating patience for decision-making.

Dr. Lynn and Dr. Judd are SUPER. It is nice to use a clinic that has more than one extraordinary vet. Now they have four; and they fill in for each other. Dr. Alexandra recently faxed a prescription to Arkansas to a Walgreens for my 16-yr old Lucy; and the following week Dr. Judd consulted with me while I was in a car on an Interstate in Colorado. I wish Kay at the front desk were my sister! All the receptionists and techs are very caring. They make you feel like your pet is very important to them.

Thank you for the recent donation to the WSU Vet School animal research in memory of my Lucy Joy.

Thank you to all the staff who work together as a successful team!
Sally Stalnaker and Gracie (mini-dachshund)

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What we like about East Mill Plain Animal Hospital

-Jack Fall and Sandra Dixon from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Star and Bishop

What our family likes about EMPAH is the professionalism and kindness of every member on the team. The office staff, assistants, technicians and veterinarians are knowledgeable and compassionate. If our pets are sick or injured they are worked into the schedule that day. The doctors or technicians personally follow-up with a phone call. Our dogs love EMPAH and always run into the clinic with tails wagging. We appreciate you!!
Jack Fall
Sandra Dixon
Star, Bishop and Blue

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Chanel Loves Her New Vet

-Linda from Battle Ground, WA
Pet Name: Chanel

We really love it at VCA [East Mill Plain] Animal Hospital! The staff are all so kind and sweet and really really do care about your pet and pet's needs. Such a friendly animal hospital.

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Noah's Ark

-Mariah from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Ruby

Our family home is very commonly referred to as the Ark. We currently have ten pets that come two by two including two cats, two dogs, two birds, two turtles and two degus. We have been going to East Mill Plain Animal Hospital for over 20 years now. The employees there are always very helpful and truly understand how much we love our pets. Thanks so much for all of the care you have provided through the years!

Nice People

-Lorne Boyd from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Cricket

Just took my pet (Little weiner dog) Cricker to the Doctor here.
Boy was I impressed.
They treated my little dog and my wife and I with such caring attitude.
Very nice people to do business with and extremely caring.
Very Highly recommended.
Thank you
Lorne & Cheryl & Cricket

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-Ashley from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Misty

I recently took our new kitten to this clinic and I was very impressed with the staff and service. they really showed us that they care more about our kitten than the financial benefit. I loved how the veterinarian took her time with our family to hear out all of our concerns. I wouldn't take our pets any place else!

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-Dorothy Crowell from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Cody Cat

My cats have been cared for at VAC East Mill Plain Animal Hospital since 1993.
Dr Lynn has seen they only get the best!
My current cat, Cody, is a frequent boarder when my husband & I are traveling. He is well known at the clinic & is very pampered while there.
He is a sweet gentle boy who loves attention. He is so affectionate no can resist him!
I'm so grateful to have a wonderful "home away from home" for him.

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Mabel and I Thank You

-Andy from Ridgefield, WA
Pet Name: Mabel

Words cannot express my gratitude for the help and concern shown by Dr. Lynn and all the staff. Mabel had a fever of unknown origin, over 106 deg F. It was shocking to see my vigorous, active dog suddenly unable to lift her head or walk. I was sure she would not survive. Dr. Lynn came up with a plan of care in an effort to find a diagnosis, and took our individual circumstances into account. Many providers would not have worked with me as you did, nor would have treated me and Mabel with the respect, patience, and compassion we were shown. Mabel apparently made an unauthorized foray down our hill to the river for a snack of steelhead sushi, as the workup showed Salmon Poisoning Disease. (Yet another reason not to let dogs wander.) My reading indicates that 90% of dogs with SPD who are untreated will die. She certainly seemed close. Without your expertise, I am sure she would be gone. Mabel started looking better after 2 doses of antibiotic, and the temp was normal by day 3. She is weak and lost about 5 pounds, but is perking up more each day, and getting back to her usual antics. Thank you for giving me a chance to enjoy more great years with my buddy and helpmate, Mabel. Gratefully, Andy


-Grins from Vancouver, WA
Pet Name: Daisy and Lizzy

We moved here from out of state 2 yrs ago and started seeing Dr. Lynn based on a referral from a friend. She and the staff have been wonderful to work with for routine, end of life, and emergency care for our dogs. We really appreciate and thank you for all that you do!