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forever grateful

-the diorio family from islip terrace, NY
Pet Name: chloe

Chloe, our one and a half year old puppy, ran into trouble pretty early on in her life! She needed extensive surgery and we were all really worried how we were going to pay for that surgery when just one person in the household was working at the time. Dr. Jason Heller told us to remain calm, while talking us through what was going on with Chloe. The one thing I was waiting to hear before he went into the medical part of the problem, "I PROMISE, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO CHLOE WHILE SHE'S WITH ME AND SHE WILL MAKE IT OUT OF THE SURGERY FINE!" And she did...she had eaten part of the molding in our kitchen which then got stuck in her stomach and intestine. Dr. Heller not only took great care of Chloe while in his and the staff's care, but also did a GREAT job stitching her up.You can barely see the scar. He informed us and prepared us very well as to what to expect after the surgery too.The staff there is very good to Chloe as well.

Dr. Heller has the biggest heart when it comes to his animals.....who else would give you a chance to work out payments after saving your dog's life? Just him!!! You will never know how much that meant to us! THANKS AGAIN!!

Elaine, Tony,
Kerri & John

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Caring, Friendly Vet Services

-Angela Rocchi from Islip, NY
Pet Name: Cesar and Kea

Dr. Heller is really personable and gets down on the floor with the dogs. The entire staff truly cares about animals, which makes a huge difference. I swear my dogs receive better medical care than most people!

My first visit

-Steven turcios from Central islip, NY
Pet Name: Max

I want to thank the staff because they were doing a beautiful job. i really liked east islip animal hospital. they gave me medications for my dog max. They were so kind.

The Best Group of Caring People

-Linda and Hank Testino from East Islip, NY

We have been going to East Islip Animal Hospital for about 25 years......since the days in East Islip....we are moving out of state and are really going to miss all these guys...Dr. McDonald, Jeannette have always taken great care of our animals......they have even set us up with a vet in Ct.......All we can say is they are the best....Theresa is a wonderful, caring Vet. Tech. also....she is so loving with the animals....they are like a part of our family and we will miss them......Marley, Freckles, Biscuit, Hope, L.B., Hope & Bella & Lucy Testino

Amazing Atmosphere

-Maria Velazquez from 5 Bergen Street, NY
Pet Name: Jenna, Max, Zoe, Luna

I went for the first time to the East Islip Animal Hospital and it was absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked in I noticed how clean and how organized everything was and how helpful they were with my dog. They provided me with all the right information that my old vet never told me about!!!! I'm really happy with my service there and i will continue to bring my dogs there!!!! Thanks So Much EIAH Staff!!