VCA East Colonial Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Carl G. and Masami K. from Orlando, FL
Pet Name: Maxie

I on behalf of my girlfriend and I would like to thank you for the compassion and care that was given to Maxie. Maxie our kitten was suffering from seizures and had to be put to rest. From the time my girlfriend and I entered the door it felt like we became one of the family. The attendants and physicians were so polite, caring, and compassionate that we (I being the one crying the most) felt completely comfortable and at ease. Thank you, VCA East Colonial Hospital Staff! Rest in peace Maxie

one of a kind care

-Roys from Orlando, FL
Pet Name: Bellagio

Dr. K has been taking care of our Italian Greyhound Bellagio since he was a puppy. He is now almost 7! Dr. K and the staff at VCA East Colonial are fantastic. They always greet you with a smile and do their best to make your pet feel comfortable and welcomed. We trust and love Dr. K so much, we drive past multiple vet clinics that are closer to our home when it is time for Bellagio to have a check-up. I know if Bellagio could talk, he would say he loves her too.

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Thanks Dr. K

-Coco Lane from Orlando, FL
Pet Name: Coco

Dr. K recognized early on that I was a "sick" little puppy... But she stayed the course with me and now I am growing up to be a "big girl". Thanks Dr. K for all the love and medicine, I am so glad you are my Doctor!

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Always wonderful....

-Michelle Bowen from Orlando, FL
Pet Name: Napoleon

Dr. K has always given my kitties the best care and has recognized their wonderful qualities immediately. She manages to get them to submit to things that even their Mama can't get away with. The staff is also fantastic - they all love my Meggie and Napoleon and treat them well....can't begin to express my appreciation.

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When it matters...

-D.C. Davis from Winter Park, FL
Pet Name: Snickers

I was driving down Goldenrod when I noticed a dog that had obviously been hit by a car and left for dead in the gutter, but the dog was still breathing. I didn't know what to do so I called my regular vet office in Winter Park and the receptionist was not very helpful and didn't sound concerned in the least and didn't even suggest I bring the dog there! She gave me the number to an emergency vet that I called only to find out it didn't open until an hour later. I managed to get the large dog in my car with the help of a passerby and started driving to an emergency vet I had seen before on Lake Underhill. I was pleased to find VCAEC on the way there (I had never noticed it before!). I went in and explained the situation, and before I could finish talking, both of the front office associates jumped from their chairs, called another staff member from the back and proceeded to act in a manner that would make Florida Hospital emergency room staff look like beginners.

They took the dog inside where Dr. Krampotich examined the injuries and found the damage beyond repair. She put the dog to rest and ended the suffering that instant. I find it hard to believe that my regular vet office could be so uncaring when I know the owner is a huge animal lover and activist. The actions of his staff prove that you're business is only as good as the people you have working for you, which is why I will now take my best friend to VCAEC! The ENTIRE staff proved by their actions and emotions that they are the real deal when it comes to animal loving care. I look forward to seeing them in the near future under better circumstances, and I recommend anyone to pay them a visit even if you think you are happy with your vet, as I was for 5 years, until today!

Wonderful People

-Virginia Wade from Orlando , FL
Pet Name: Bella Wade

I have never been to the vet before today not only do they take me in as an emergency because my cat was run over but the empathy and care that was shown to me and my family was beyond any expectations they truly cared not only for the well being of the cat but also the emotions and the stress upon the family. I would recommend this place to anybody there are very few vets and people still out there that care this much and although we had to put our cat down, they eased our pain tremendously with the care that they gave us.

Luna's Lovely Visit

-Lauren from Orlando, FL
Pet Name: Luna

An amazing staff that truly cares about the animals they treat! They are 100% honest with you and make sure your pet's need come first. Everyone loved Luna and Luna absolutely loved them. :) I will be back!