VCA Eagle River Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Excellent care

-Kim from Eagle River, AK

The veterinarians and staff at VCA Eagle River are great. They are very caring and always give me peace of mind whenever I have to leave a pet for care. I would definitely recommend the VCA Eagle River Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a veterinarian in Eagle River. Kudos!

Sassy's visit

-Elaine Smith from Anchorage, AK
Pet Name: Sassy

I am new to the Anchorage area and was referred to VCA Eagle River by a friend. I found the personnel there to be very friendly and the doctors to be very thorough with their exam of Sassy.I would highly recommend VCA Eagle River to my friends.

What a great experience

-Sarah K. from Eagle River, AK
Pet Name: Riley

When my young and ornery yellow lab Riley tore up a few socks and decided to swallow them, we had hopes he might pass them. But sure enough a few days later he started vomiting and not wanting to eat. We called the VCA Eagle River Animal Hospital and asked them what we should do. Even though they were booked they got him in right away and x-rays showed that the socks were stuck in his intestines. They got him in for emergency surgery and after a day or two stay at the hospital he was right as rain and a happy puppy! If it wasn't for the quick actions and supportive staff at VCA Eagle River I hate to think what could've happened! Thanks so much! He has yet to eat any other objects, but if he does we will again put him in their hands!

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I only trust my beloved pets to VCA Eagle River

-Kathy Day from Chugiak, AK
Pet Name: Bailey

I love animals and have my fair share including 4 dogs, 4 cats and several birds that are all rescues. Animals are my passion and I only trust the great vets at VCA with my animals. I've been going there since they opened, am always treated well and I believe my animals get the best care possible.

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Eyes that Now Can See

-Patty Hickok from Eagle River, AK
Pet Name: Jessie

Our beautiful Jessie, a 5 year old St Bernard exhibited some problems in one of her eyes. We promptly took her to Dr. Hanlon who diagnosed her with entropion and told us about the importance of having surgery asap. Jessie had the surgery and went home. However, we were totally impressed by all the aftercare that Dr. Hanlon and the staff provided to Jessie as she had to stop by several times for additional checks since it was her eye that was at risk. Each time we went everyone remembered her name, she was treated promptly and now her beautiful eyes are just as bright as ever and she is loving her walks and all her activities. We thank Dr. Hanlon and everyone at VCA Eagle River for the wonderful care they provided our "daughter" Jessie - we have been loyal customers and this is another example why we continue to trust you all with our pets :-)

I trust them with my animals

-Kathy Day from Chugiak, AK
Pet Name: Numerous

My animals have been patients at VCA Eagle River since it opened. The doctors are wonderful and the staff all are committed to helping our animals. I have numerous cats and dogs and would not trust their care anyway else. Many people are put off by VCA because it's a corporation. However, their service can't be matched, their prices are fair and the hours are great for someone who works. I would highly recommend VCA Eagle River.

These ladies rock

-Alli from Eagle River, AK
Pet Name: Olivia

I have been bringing my pets here for years and I just found their website. I want to say that I appreciate everything they have done. They have always been able to get me in in the event of an emergency, and are very welcoming and friendly. I just LOVE them! I highly recommend them.

Can't Say Enough Good

-Janet Seitz from Eagle River, AK
Pet Name: Foxy, Max, Lance

My animals have always received excellent care, but more importantly compassionate care. The doctors and staff are always going above and beyond to give my "kids" their care. When boarding, the kids come home spoiled and I feel good knowing they are in a safe place. When I had a house fire, these wonderful people were there -- helping me and my animals in all the ways they could and more than I imagined!

Consistent Excellence

-Chris P. from Eagle River, AK
Pet Name: Private Investigator Guacamole and St. Holy Canoli

We moved from Anchorage to Eagle River with two cats that, like many other cats, hate car rides. We knew we had to switch vets for the sake of their mental health if I had to assign an anthropomorphic viewpoint to the situation. The staff at the Eagle River location was super friendly and helped us get in for wellness exams and shots. Unfortunately for one our cats, he began to experience some unexplained weight loss and we began visiting this location more often than we planned. It was, however, a fortunate way for us to really get to know the new staff. Our cat was diagnosed on the first visit and we changed a diet plan with the help of the vet. He is now a healthy weight and happy as a cat can be. My wife and I are very pleased with the service we've experienced in the half year we've lived in Eagle River. More importantly, the staff seems to genuinely care about each pet that walks through the door; each customer was met with sincerity and each furry friend a smile.

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Best care for my pets

-Kathy Day from Peters Creek, AK
Pet Name: Tara, Sherpa, Sasha, Summer, Bailey,Brigette, Ken

I have been going to VCA since they bought out the old Eagle River Veterinary sometime in the 1980s. I have usually had 4 dogs and 4 cats at one time and over the years they have always gotten great care. You can establish relationships with the vets and get the care your pets need. As far as I'm concerned, that's what it's all about. I know that some people feel that pets won't get personalized service from a national chain veterinarian clinic. That has not been my experience at all. It is both great and disconcerting :) when you get to know everyone because you are a frequent flyer. However, I wouldn't go anywhere else. My pets are part of my family and I would highly recommend VCA Eagle River.