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Published: Jan 26, 2012

Back problems are fairly common among canines, especially in certain smaller breeds like the Dachshund. There are a number of different diseases and health issues that can cause back pain including weight problems, disc disease, cervical stenosis, bone infection, kidney infections and cancer. If you think your pet may be experiencing back pain, you should visit a veterinarian, who can determine the cause of the pain and the best course of treatment.

The most common cause of canine back pain is disc disease—commonly called a “slipped” or herniated disc—according to Discs are the cushion between vertebrae bones that prevent them from rubbing together, but over time they can wear out and "slip" out of place. This can lead to nerve inflammation and cause pain for your dog, and the discs near the top and base of the spine are most likely to develop this problem.

Clinical signs of slipped discs can vary depending where the problem is located. states that dogs with lower back problems may present with clinical signs such as arching their backs, being reluctant to move and reacting negatively when you try to touch their backs. They might even have difficulty controlling their bladders. Spinal pain near the neck might cause muscle spasms, stiffness and a wobbly gait.

Whether your dog has slipped a disc or is experiencing back pain for other reasons, you should bring your pet to a veterinary hospital as soon as possible. The vet will be able to give your dog shots to help with the pain while determining the best treatment plan.