VCA Duncan Manor Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Our Beautiful Friend Sam

-Tim from Wexford, PA
Pet Name: Samson

Our 15 year-old cat Sam was suffering from some sort of tumor in his leg since June. To make a long story short, treatment was not successful & his prognosis not good. 8/22/11 an appointment was made with Dr. Kathy Dougherty. She was extremely compassionate and kind. She explained all the options available. Rather than submit our friend Sam to any further indignities, we decided to opt for euthanasia. Dr. Dougherty explained the procedure, which included a sedative and the final procedure. Space doesn't permit me to explain how wonderfully we were treated. Dr. Dougherty is wonderful.

Pet Image

I highly recommend VCA Duncan Manor

-Cindy Goldbach from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Bijou, Coco

I would like to highly recommend VCA Duncan Manor Animal Hospital for all of your pet needs. We have two dogs, who both recently needed dental work. Despite my hesitations, the staff went out of their way to make sure that our dogs received the care and attention that they deserved, and put me at ease throughout their examinations. The vet techs are not only highly trained, but also very dedicated and compassionate, communicating well with both people and animals!!

Dr. Larson spent a significant amount of time explaining the entire oral surgery process to us, and was great with both of the dogs. On the day of their surgery, she called me several times to provide updates on the status of Bijou and Coco, and was more than willing to answer my probing questions. For care for your animals, it doesn’t get better than the VCA Duncan Manor Animal Hospital.

A dose of compassion and reality

-Lisa Lombardo from Allison Park, PA
Pet Name: Jasmin

Adopted from a shelter and family member for 12 years, we took Jasmin to VCA, for check up and unusual breathing pattern that had developed and seemed to be getting worse. The doctor was honest and compassionate when she had to give me the bad news and my options. It was obvious that Jasmin was struggling and that prolonging her life although comforting to us, would be worse and worse for her. I made the heart wrenching decision to put her down. They gave me time to talk to our kids, who Jasmin belonged to, and gave me all the time I needed (if there is such a thing) to say goodbye. Every staff person was understanding & compassionate which made this experience easier to bare. Afterward the doctor said to me "You did the hardest thing, but you did the right thing for Jasmin" words I hear over and over in my head as I look for her only to remember she's not there anymore. I thank you for making a horrible day a little more bearable.