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Published: Jun 30, 2011

Many pet owners have been in a situation where they have been walking around with their dog all day, and they want to eat at an outdoor restaurant but are not allowed to because their four-legged companion is with them. In Maryland, a law, which originally passed in March, will now allow dogs to sit outside with their owners at restaurants that have outdoor seating, according to the news channel WUSA-TV.

The law comes into effect starting in July, and there are a couple stipulations. The dogs must be on a leash and can not be left unattended. Also, restaurant owners have the right to not allow these furry friends into their establishment. If they approve it, they are required to have a sign up stating they allow pooches, the news source reports.

Even though now a dog owner can dine with their pooch, it does not mean they should give them any scraps from what their owners are eating. According to the ASCPA, there are several foods that do not affect us negatively but could hurt a canine's health, including avocado and raisins.