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Great Hospital

-Larry from Dover, DE

I was in your hospital last week and I have to say the staff was wonderful and Dr. Brown was really on his game! What a wonderful environment to walk into, the staff and doctors cared about me and was truly concerned for my pet! I have been to other vets in the area and no one tops this one! You get what you pay for!!!


-Sandy Thompson from Felton, DE
Pet Name: Precious

My dog was really sick about two weeks ago and I wasn't a client of yours. I couldn't get in to the hospital near you so I called your office in hopes of getting my little dog "Precious" seen, to my wishes your secretary told me to come right on in that she needed to be seen ASAP. When I arrived they were waiting for me and took me and my dog right in, my daughter was with me and one of the girls placed her at the front desk and gave her a coloring book and crayons and watched her while I was with the doctor. I have never felt so good about a doctor's office before and they found what was wrong with my little girl and took good care of her and explained everything and even gave me an estimate. When I was worried about the money they told me don't worry we will work it out that the main concern is Precious, I was able to open a credit card and didn't have to pay the bill right away. The bottom line is this hospital is GREAT!! They took better care of us then our own family doctor. Needless to say I switched hospitals right away!! What a refreshing way to be treated!! We received the ROYAL treatment and I couldn't ask for anything better!! Thank you to the entire group of employees!!

Over The Top

-Sara Jones from Dover, DC
Pet Name: Tiger

I had just moved to Dover and tried several places to get my cat in to see a doctor because he couldn't urinate, with no luck I had called three hospitals and they all told me I would have to wait until Monday to get in and one actually told me Wednesday. I decided one more place and I called VCA Dover Animal Hospital and the secretary told me that my cat needs to be examined right away, when I told her that I wasn't a client she told me well you are starting now and to come right over! I was so relieved that someone would let my cat come in and they did surgery on him that afternoon on a Saturday because he couldn't wait and the doctor said he was really uncomfortable. They gave me information on the procedure and discussed everything with me in detail. I can't express to them how much that meant to me and I owe them everything, when I thanked them and told them how much I appreciated their help the girl told me "That's what were here for". While I was waiting for my cat to be looked at the employee offered me coffee and even came out in the lobby to let me know he was running a little behind schedule. I was concerned about not being seen before they closed and she told me it doesn't matter if were here until midnight your baby will be taken care of. This was over the top treatment, they not only treated my sick cat but treated us like we were number one! One of the girls even gave my young daughter a coloring book and some crackers to keep her occupied while I spoke to the doctor. What an amazing place this is!! I was almost sorry that I moved to Delaware when I couldn't get my cat looked at in any of the other hospitals but now I am glad I did, this is a top rated hospital with caring people and they are the BEST!!!

Great Animal Hospital

-Robbie Weakland from Dover, DE

We have been going to the VCA Dover Animal Hospital for longer than I can even count the years. The treatment is always professional and finely tuned to the needs of the patients (in my case my cats) as well as to the needs of the owners. They are not only proficient in the medical area, they are always willing to spend the time to explain what is going on...the options you have...and the possible outcomes. Because of this hospital's medical and support staff and recommended testing, I can say that they have saved the lives of more than one of my "kids." Because of the recommended testing, we were able to identify conditions that through surgery or medications, the cats are able to live perfectly fine, quality-filled (as well as play-filled) lives. I could go on and on...but this hospital is the first one that I have ever gone to that the medical and support staff are not only very knowledgeable, but take a very sincere interest in each and everyone "kid" that walks (or is carried) through the door. I recommended them without hesitation!

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It's like home away from home for my puppy

-Jane from Dover, DE
Pet Name: Kipper

My family recently moved to Dover and adopted a puppy that we named Kipper. I called around to look for an animal hospital we could take our new family member. VCA is the only hospital that accommodated my puppy within the 72 hours I had to get his health check up and required shots. He also came home with a gift bag of puppy food that night. The staff were all friendly and professionals. The doctor tried to get a good understanding of the activities I engaged with my dog such as walks and places he might drink contaminated water from a puddle to provide advise on health precautions so he could stay healthy. I've been very satisfied with the services they provide and would recommend it to anyone looking for a hospital for their pets.

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-Lisa from Smyrna, DE
Pet Name: Sunshine

I just wanted to compliment the staff at VCA Dover, DE. Everyone was pleasant, friendly, and very helpful. My dog & I were first time clients & it was a wonderful experience.
Many thanks to everyone!!!

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A part of the community

-Barbei and Spencer from Wyoming, DE

We really enjoyed visiting with all of you at Bowers Beaches Big Thursday event this year. We can't remember the name of the Mastiff, what a gentle soul. Spencer loved how he vogued with her for the camera.

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Dr Brown is the Greatest

-Wendy from Dover, DE
Pet Name: Levi and Sasha

We moved to DE recently, and had not been set up with a new Vet yet, so when my 12 yr old Beagle, Levi, suddenly couldn't walk and cried out in such pain, I tried to get him an immediate appointment. Being a new patient, everywhere wanted me to wait a week or so to be seen, I couldn't see him in that much pain. Levi is my 13 yr old son's dog, and we have had him since my son was 12. My son has some emotional issues, and just lost his father, grandfather, and our home, so Levi is his comfort. My son spends hours just petting and snuggling with Levi when he's upset or sad. So Levi is much more than a dog to us. I couldn't afford a costly new vet visit, and was prepared to take the ultimate last step with Levi, but Dr Brown was so understanding, and he offered to try some less expensive treatments first. Dr Brown never once made me feel judged for not having hundreds of dollars to spend that day. He was warm, compassionate, and the last of the truly ethical Vets who care to stop the pain rather than care about money. Now 2 weeks later, Levi is comfortable and back to his old self with the help of some arthritis meds. My son and my entire family are so happy we still have Levi in our lives. I don't know for how long, but as long as we have him Dr Brown will be caring for him! Thank you Dr Brown and staff. You were all so caring and professional!

Care of Apollo

-Sharon from Dover, DE
Pet Name: Apollo Speed

I wanted to say Thank You to Dr. Brown and his wonderful staff for taking so great care of my Apollo.. Apollo was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in December 2015. A week before Christmas Apollo was suffering and my family and I had to make the hardest decision. Dr. Brown and staff made Apollo's passing to Doggie Heaven easier. Dr. Brown and staff took very good care of Apollo. They also sent my family and I his paw print, card, an dog angel pin and our wonderful and greatly missed Apollo. My family and I had adopted Apollo. He had been abused by a previous owner. My family took him in and he was such an asset to our family. No other dog will replace him. He no longer has to suffer and will always be happy without pain. Thank you for being such wonderful and caring people. Apollo is now looking down on each of us. Thank you all for being part of Apollo's life. Sharon