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Published: Nov 11, 2011

Owners of dogs have the responsibility of making sure their pet and the people who interact with it are safe. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, a number of products on the market have been created to help owners prevent undesirable pet behavior while on walks or in the home. Items like head halters and harnesses give owners the tools to control their dogs while outside, while unique training toys have also been made to stop pups and even adult dogs from chewing on inappropriate objects.

VCA reports that a head halter is an effective device for teaching dogs to respond to commands as well as how to walk properly on a leash. The halter controls the dog by putting pressure on its back, neck and around its muzzle, rather than just around its neck like a typical collar. This allows owners to have more control, as where it is placed gives the master the means to pull the dog forward and upward with a simple tug. Once it starts to listen to commands and sits with ease, VCA recommends rewarding the good behavior with a treat or pieces of its dog food.

Dogs that are especially aggressive while on leash may require a muzzle during times when they could encounter pedestrians or other animals.