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Published: February 11, 2010

Accreditation Matters
Why Accreditation Matters to You

By Elise M. Atkinson, CVT

Sure, this is a huge accomplishment for your veterinary team. But it also matters to you and your pet. Did you know that AAHA-accredited hospitals must have:

  • Assessed your pet for pain every time it is seen
  • Properly cleaned and sterilized instrument packs for surgery
  • Trained staff in animal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Emergency drugs and equipment readily available

AAHA AccreditedThese are just a few of the requirements to be accredited by AAHA. The standards were created by veterinary professionals in the field. Your veterinarian could have been one of them. They were created to improve the care received by your pet and by all pets. There is even a section on housekeeping that includes recommendations for cleanliness and eliminating strong odors. There are many more sections, all designed to benefit you and your pet.

Why Accreditation Matters to You
"I believe that AAHA certification makes for a safer environment for my pet to be treated in."
�" L.J. Jones, pet owner

L.J. Jones is a pet owner from Atlanta, Ga. When asked about AAHA accreditation, she said, "Since I have known about AAHA and what they do to protect animals and the people that own them, I would never go to a veterinarian’s office that was not AAHA approved and certified."

Elise Atkinson is an AAHA practice accreditation coordinator in Lakewood, Colo.