Grooming Gallery & Event

Grooming Gallery
We enjoy showing off our customers to everyone so we hope you enjoy them like we do.  Our grooming department is open Monday-Saturday for your pets grooming needs so give us a call to set up your pets appointment at 302-674-3783 or 302-674-1515. 

Maggie is one of our customers that enjoy getting all dressed up and smiling for the camera.

Community Events Section
We have been located in the community for over 60 years so helping in the community is very important to our hospital and our staff so if your interested in us joining in your local event please get in touch with our community event coordinator by emailing her at [email protected]  or you can give her a call at 302-674-1515 and ask for Trista, we will be more than happy to help out in any way that we can in the community.  This is what it's all about, lending a hand to help and support each other.

Even the four legged friends were invited this year to the annual Dover Day's Parade.

Look at what our future talent holds

What a happy dog

Everyone brought something to the parade that was original, we all enjoyed the different talents

From the bottom of our hearts we thank all the men and women every day for fighting for our country and for their sacrifices that they have to give up. 

This little one was all tuckered out after the pet parade and his owner had to give him a lift.

CC is a Greyhound looking for a loving family to adopt her to give her lots of love and attention.

Bow Wow  Bash       May 21, 2011

We want to extend our thanks to the United Methodist Church for putting on such a great function with so many things for the entire family to do. 
We enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and so many new faces that we would like to get to know if and when you need us, just give us a call for a tour or just to say hi.  To see so many pets that are loved is such a great feeling, different breeds, different personalities and different tricks and smiles all comes back to the same thing, what a loving home they have and that's what is so great to see, the love.......We never realize how lucky we all are until you get around a function like this and see the love and friendships that you have made over the years and then you know that it was all worth it.   I want to also thank our staff for volunteering to help out during this great community event; at one point in time I looked around and every single one of my helpers were talking to people we knew or people they were getting to know and playing with the pets, and at that point in time I thought to myself how lucky are we to have such a great staff that really truly cares about the pets and love them unconditionally.  Thank you for everything that you do each and every day.  We love you all....

What a sweet pose, proud to be out and about.

What's an event without Trash Can Dan?  Our four legged friends didn't know what to think.

This little one just enjoyed clowning around.

Look at this smile.....

This sweet little princess stole our hearts for sure.

Don't leave me Dad, he was never far from his owners side. 

You didn't know if you should kiss her or hug her, but I bet this owner does both

What a sweetheart this little one is.

Was busy watching them make hot dogs and hoping, oh he was hoping.

Proud owner and proud little one makes a very happy family.

Mom & Dad loves this one so much that when they take her out they push her in this stroller because of her arthritis being so hard on her at times.

During one of the events this girl knows what she is responsible for and her job is always to carry the cooler, so when her owner starts walking she see's a cooler and she picks it up.  Unbelievable but it's true folks, we seen it with our own eye's.  Great job, now if she can just open a can or bottle and a bag of chips then her owner will be set (just kidding) this definitely takes talent and she worked hard for this competition.

The owner of Bonnie & Clyde looked around on ebay for this little stroller and these two know which seat they are to jump in, unbelievable.