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Most Happy Thea

-Melody S from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Thea

Just a thank you to your groom staff for how well they guided my maine coon through her 1st full lions cut.

Thea was a hot, matted mess when I bought her in. She was also highly anti-social before bringing her in. She didn't like being picked up or cuddled much. I gather now that her hair mats were causing the issue.

Cause now she's just a huge love bug, always seeking touch and loves. Totally different girl, happier, more confident. The groom raised her spirits quite a bit. Best part, I don't have to get her shaved again for another 6 months or so.

Your entire staff is stellar and hats off to the groom folks especially!


Big thanks

-Alan N Ilona from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Merlin

Thanks 4 checking in on Merlin while he was being boarded. Dr Jorgensen u r the best.

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Affordable and Wonderful Medical Boarding

-Rhonda M. from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Punkin

My little dog had to have many teeth removed during a routine dental cleaning right before we were leaving for a trip. We searched very hard for good affordable medical boarding and we were not having any success. After praying, I called VCA Douglas County Animal Hospital. They offer great medical boarding for a better price than kennel care. My dog had four different medications he was taking and needed to be checked on with extra love. We went on our trip with peace and joy! When we returned, he was happy and has fully recovered from his dental surgery. Thank you to all!

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Thank you very much Dr. Keith

-Tammy Armbruster from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Tajey ( deceased) 7.3.15

I had brought a wild injure bird who had gotten very badly tangled in the webbing I put up for Halloween, I was so overjoyed that not only did the staff and Dr. Keith agree to help the bird even though they don't service wild life but saved the birds life as well, I felt so horrible that it was my fault for putting those webs out and was so grateful that it's life was saved. I took it home and within a couple of hours he flew away. I have been a client of VCA for many years for my beloved Tajey who had passed away in July and the staff and doctors were so wonderful to us. THANK YOU !!!!

Small Pet Vets

-Amy Warner from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Cinnamon, Truffles

I was reading a social media post about how hard it is to find good vets for small pets like guinea pigs, and I just wanted to give a shout to Dr. Hafeman and the rest of the staff at VCA Douglas County. While they are great with dogs and cats, I love that I can have confidence in taking our smallest pets here and that they'll receive the best possible care. Both of our guinea pigs ran into problems within a week of each other, and we were put at ease knowing that we had the right medication in the right doses for such little bodies, and the vet taking care of our boys had experience handling and diagnosing guinea pigs. Kudos.