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-Sherri from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Sunny

VCA Douglas County took such good care of our Sunny throughout her years.

Through thyroid disease, arthritis, epilepsy and countless other health problems, VCA took such good care of Sunny. Despite her ailments, VCA helped her achieve the good quality of life that she deserved. We always knew that help was around the corner - any time, any day.

Sunny was our best friend and we could only relax knowing that she was in good hands.

Thank you for helping to make her life so "Sunny".

Castle Rock, CO


-Sharri from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Butkus

I have an English Bulldog, who is my "dream come true" dog. I had to take him to see a vet due to a hematoma in his ear. We have always been very pleased with the care we receive at this hospital. The staff is always very friendly, and the Dr's so friendly and helpful. Dr Brenda Francis was the Veterinarian we saw on this day, and in the days to follow, as we treated his ear problem. I also had a concern with the fact that he is aging, and showing signs of arthritis. Dr Francis then recommended a supplement for that issue, and we were on our way. A few days later I received an informational packet in the mail, further explaining arthritis, with a very nice hand written note. I WAS SO IMPRESSED!! How nice of Dr. Francis, to take the time, long after we left the office, to continue to care for my dog, and go above and beyond, to send me additional information. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs care for their special family member!!! Sharri Wilson, and Butkus..

Thank You

-Kay Wolfe from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Reba

Thank you for giving our Reba such loving care from desk staff to the entire team. We would not have her with us today if it were not for you and the staff.Thanks again for all your love and attention to her well being and OURS!

What wonderful staff

-Kathy Casados from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Rosie

I brought my 8 month old little Chichuahua, Rosie, in to VCA because she just went blind. After tests etc, she was diagnosed with hydrosyphulus. They treated her however, she did not make it. I truly appreciate all the support from Keelie, Dr Francis, and many others. Your understanding and compassion truly helped my husband and I deal with the pain.

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Thank You

-Adrianne Valdez from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Prince

We just wanted to say thank you for trying to make Prince better so we could bring him home. We know in our hearts he was well taken care of during his very short stay. We will truly miss him.

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VCA Took Such Good Care Of Our Baby

-Abby from Parker, CO
Pet Name: Leo

We have a 1 year old determined little kitty who apparently loves to eat foreign objects around the house! We took him to VCA over the weekend since our normal vet wasn't open. The people at VCA took such good care of little Leo and had him in for emergency surgery the same day. The staff at VCA is so helpful and caring, we knew our baby was in good hands! We will choose VCA for all of our future needs thanks to the superior service!


-Jill from Castle Rock, CO

This veterinarian is not our regular vet, but they were the most compassionate when I had to have my wonderful dog of 13 years euthanized. She had a nasal carcinoma and it had ruptured at 9pm on a Sunday evening. It gave me great peace receiving confirmation from the vet on duty that I had done the right thing by not taking extreme measures in trying to cure her after diagnosis (which was only two months). I still miss that dog desperately, and always will.

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So thankful

-Haley from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Diamond

We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of our baby. Diamond is now home, healthy and happy as can be! Thank you to VCA Douglas County Doctors and Staff for giving our kitten another chance at life. I know Diamond thanks you too.

Amazing care

-Samantha Webb from Englewood, CO
Pet Name: Paige

Our beloved golden retriever Paige was receiving IV fluids at our local vet when she called to tell us we needed to rush her to VCA Douglas County for around the clock care in the ICU due to cancer. Paige was in the ICU for a week where we were introduced to Dr. Pearson. We couldn't have asked for better care from Dr. Pearson and her staff. They called often with updates and never turned us away when we needed to visit. After lots of fluids and medication, Paige was looking healthy enough to go home. We spent the next 20 weeks making the 20 minute drive from our home for Paige's weekly chemotherapy appointments. She became a well known face around the clinic and made herself at home looking for treats and attention from the kind women behind the front desk. When the time came to put her to sleep, the staff was extremely accommodating and loving. We have no doubt it was the amazing care of VCA and Dr. Pearson that gave us nearly 8 months of "borrowed" time with our baby.

Thank you for your effort

-The buck family from Castle Rock, CO
Pet Name: Lilly billy

There are no words that can thank you enough. Our little Lilly was a strong little girl but she couldn't pull through this one. Lilly was diagnosed with ITP witch is when your body attacks your platelets in your blood. They tried so hard and i put out an extra thanks to Dr. Brenda Francis. Thank you for your time and effort in trying so hard to help Lily. Thank you.