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Peace and Confidence

-Judy Whetzel Jack Clifton from Desoto, TX
Pet Name: Shadow

The Whetzel-Clifton "girls", a Sheltie and a Border Collie, have enjoyed long, healthy, happy lives in large part due to the efforts of the VCA Desoto Animal Hospital! Dr. George Tabone has been instrumental in directing their care, with quality of life paramount. That we trust Dr. Tabone implicity goes without saying. He and his staff have provided a level of care and service that leaves little doubt the girls have always been treated as their own! We have enjoyed absolute peace of mind using the boarding facilities - the suite being the girls preference! When medical boarding has been necessary, we have complete confidence in the staff - whether administering medications, special meals or cookies! And we cannont forget the fluffing and puffing in grooming.

We highly recommend the VCA Desoto Animal Hospital and cannot imagine taking our babies anywhere else! We appreciate all of you so much and don't know what we would do without you!


-Ginny Mitchell from Red Oak, TX

I have been coming to VCA Desoto Animal Hospital for 29 yers. My pet's care is of the utmost importance. The doctors at this hospital are such compassionate, kind, very caring individuals that my pets have always enjoyed the "dreaded trip" to the vets. The staff is very aware of the needs of people and their pets, always greet people with a smile and give the impression they want to help in any way they can.

Kateland, a Samoyed, would leave me, look all over for Agnes, and then go to the door to the back, open it to find the doctors. My dog, July, who hated water would get a reward from Kate Tabone after grooming, of a banana, which Kate would share with her. Over the years, I have had many dogs and cats (all rescue). Some have been what I call "dysfunctional" and their visits have always been uneventful. My favorite saying is that Dr. Tabone is my pets' energizer rabbit, he keeps them going and going and going.

I think the best testimonial for the hospital is that I TOTALLY TRUST EVERYONE THERE.


-Garth from lancaster, TX
Pet Name: did-he-bite u

The Doctors here are amazing. The best of them all is Dr. V. Martinez. She is very loving, respectful, caring and very fun to be around... she's great with my pets and don't know what I'd do without her. This is the best place to bring your pets. VCA Desoto Rocks !!!!


-tiki hicks from lancaster, TX
Pet Name: khloe

i went to the vca hospitial and they were nice.

Dr. Tabone is an authority on boxers

-Susan Jones from Midlothian, TX

We have brought our dogs here since 1993. There does not seem to be any surgical challenge or diagnostic problem that Dr. Tabone and his team cannot solve. They practice cutting edge medicine that has saved my dogs many times. The fact that we have an 18 year old BOXER is entirely due to Dr. Tabone and his fine team. This hospital has all the latest equipment, an excellently trained staff, and a caring atmosphere. All of my dogs love to come here.

The Best In Town

-The Jack Pot Clan from Glenn Heights, TX

There's so much to say about VCA Desoto, we just don't know where to begin. When we gave up our vet in Amarillo to move back here we had no idea where to go. VCA was close to the house, so off we went. They didn't know what to expect when we walked in the door, nor did we, it was a trial visit of course.
Little did they know they were about to meet not just one of our animals, but all six, 4 dogs and two cats. We would only take one or two in at a time. Eventually they noticed we were coming in alot. Over the past three years we have come to consider VCA DeSoto part of our family and would also like to consider them as friends.
We can't say enough about VCA DeSoto. It is a great place to bring your 4 legged family. We haven't met any of the vets we haven't liked. We like them all. Dr. Curry has been the one we have come closet to, but Dr. Martinez and Dr. Bolin has pulled us through on several occasions as well. You would think eventually they would get tired of us coming in so much, not here. They like to see us coming as much as we like to have a visit with them while tending the babies. It's always fun to go in, everyone treats us with such respect. We always get a big kick out of Amy who is always so chipper, and talks to each and everyone of the animals and treats them as her own and tries to comfort them before they go to the rooms. It's her personality that makes it fun to go to the vet....We would like to say something about each and everyone of them because they all deserve recognition, but we just don't know all their names, but Amy, Sara, April, Agnes, Margaret, Tara, April Lynn, Stacy, Cindy thank you for treating all of us with kindness.

Dr. Curry, thank you for giving us the extra time we had with our babies Sweetness, Mulligan, Taz, and Slick. We had so much more time than we should have because of you.

We look forward to more great services with Austi, Cricket, Jake, Streak, LT, and Boo Bear.

Pet Image

The most compassionate and caring staff

-Jan Dixon from Midlothian, TX
Pet Name: Whitey

My husband and I are in the process of losing our beloved Whitey, a white kitty who is 22+ years of age, to chronic renal failure. She originally belonged to my deceased father, but we have been so blessed to have her for 20 of those years. We've all been through this process, but this one is particularly devastating as it's like losing Daddy all over again. This amazing group of people has been so kind, caring and compassionate. Dr. Victoria Martinez is truly a saint on earth. The love she and her staff has shown to Whitey means so much to us! We will forever be grateful for everyone at VCA DeSoto.

Let's go see Miss Kate

-Carol Wayne from Desoto, TX

My parents started coming to Desoto Animal Hospital in 1983 and when we got our first kitty, Chloe in 1992 we went to see Dr. Adoue first thing. We still have Chloe....and have added Tigger (16 yrs old) and Sophy (13 years old)....

Everyone who works there is very loving and kind and practical. I trust them to do right thing for all of our furry babies.

Our border collie Sophy LOVES to go to the Vet! All we have to say is lets go see Miss Kate and she runs to the back door and waits impatiently. If I take her with me on an errand around town, she always barks as we drive by!

Thank you for all you do to keep our pets healthy!


Dr. Tabone - Professionalism and Kindness

-Ross McBride from DeSoto, TX
Pet Name: Dakota

We have had three dogs taken care of by George Tabone for many years - Hunter, a Black Lab; Keno - a German Shepherd; and Dakota - a German Shepherd. One of the worst things you go through with your pets is a death. When we had to put down Hunter at almost 14 years old, Dr. Tabone aided our family in getting through that emotional time. When Keno suffered a heart attack, Dr. Tabone got us 6 more months before the second one took him. When it happened, the staff remained there until I could get Keno to them after closing time so he could be cremated. They cared. Now, they continue to care for Dakota, Keno's best friend, to keep him as comfortable and healthy as possible at his late age. I've had pets in other cities and Dr. Tabone's group is in a class by themselves. I will face pretty soon the loss of Dakota; but, I go into that knowing the attention, compassion and professionalism from my friend George and his staff will get me through it again. Thanks.

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I Can't Thank Them Enough

-Pamela from Grand Prairie, TX
Pet Name: Clyde

My dog Clyde had been sick for some time and we brought him to VCA and right away they figured out what was wrong with him. He had developed a flea allergy. Which was uncommon in adult dogs. They gave him the right meds and he is like a new dog, he is full of life again and has tons of energy. It is so wonderful to have my Clyde back. Thank You so much Dr Bollin and the rest of the VCA Staff.