DeSoto Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Debbie Book

    Debbie has worked here at our hospital since December 2007.  She loves taking care of all the pets that visit our "pet hotel" and they love her.  Most of them know that she always has treats in her pockets and know just how to get her to give them one!  Debbie is pictured here with 2 of our CSR's Ellen and Amy #1.

  • Groomer

    Anselmo Andrade

    Andy, as he is known best to his co-workers, is married and has 8 children and 13 grandchildren. Andy has worked in the kennel and grooming for over 23 years. When something isn't working correctly here at the hospital, the first person we call is Andy! He can fix almost anything.  He is also great with ALL the pets that visit our hospital, he has a special touch that at times is needed!  Andy speaks fluent Spanish, which is a great asset and helps the staff when needed! 

  • Groomer

    Christopher Andrade

    Christopher lives on a farm with his family and many, many animals. His favorite are the deer. He has had several jobs and has worked at VCA Desoto Animal Hospital as a bather for several years now. He loves his job, the pets and being around many coworkers whom he has known for most of his life!

  • Groomer

    Candace Strouss

    Candace groomed at her previous salon for many, many years, before joining our family. She was born and raised in Dallas.

  • Groomer

    Kate Tabone

    Kate was born and raised in Orange, Texas. She has been married to Dr. Tabone for almost 25 years and they have a daughter, Amanda who is 21. Kate has been grooming dogs for 20 years and enjoys them and fellow employees.