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-Helen Alexander from Palm Springs, CA
Pet Name: Jacque

Jacque LaPouff is a very handsome Bichon Frise and was born 9/25/03 and delivered to me 12/17/03. Dr. Burbank first saw him 1/5/04 and he has been a patient ever since. While all of the doctors are very caring and compassionate Jacque usually sees Dr. Burbank or Dr. Behrenfeld.

With these beautiful little puffballs, they need to be groomed by an expert groomer, and that is Shelli Middleton. She has been grooming Jacque since 6/5/04.

I can not say enough nice things about the entire staff and Jacque looks forward to his weekly Spa Day with Shelli and all his friends.

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Dory and Sophie

-Dr. Jackie Black from Palm Desert, CA
Pet Name: Dory

Dr. Byers, I am deeply grateful to you for your unsurpassed veterinary medical care for over 10 years! You couldn't have taken better care of my beloved Sophie, if Sophie had been your own dog! And your caring and compassionate manner with me, plus your impeccable follow-up, made all the difference in the world. Dr. Byers, Dr. Burbank and Dr. Long you are superb doctors and wonderful people who supported and guided Sophie and me through some pretty scary times. I am indebted to you, and to your staff in the front and in the back, in surgery, in grooming and in boarding. Everyone at VCA Desert Animal Hospital who attended to Sophie over the last 10 years, did so with expertise, kindness and love! Dory and I recently found each other and we look forward to a continuing relationship with all of you!

With gratitude and respect,

Dr. Jackie Black, Sophie and Dory

Dr. Cutler is Great

-Randy L. Rieck from Rancho Mirage, CA
Pet Name: Neiman, Marcus, and Sampson

Dr. Cutler has given my pets exemplary care the past several years. I have two beagles (Neiman & Marcus) that need special care as they were survivors of hurricane Katrina. I also have a cat named Sampson. Dr. Cutler always takes the time to listen to our needs, and gives the best care possible. She goes above and beyond what would be expected. In addition, her vast knowledge and caring personality makes the animals and myself at ease...I have and will continue to refer any pet owner I encounter to Dr. Cutler.

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Thanks for Caring for Goofy

-Keith Coleman from Cathedral City, CA
Pet Name: Goofy

We lost our beloved Goofy ("Moose") in May of this year after 9 years of wonderful care received from Desert Animal Hospital. The only regret is that he died at the emergency clinic and not there or at home with Chris and me. Each and every Dr. at Desert A.H. has cared for him over the years and shown him the utmost attention. He was indeed special to many. Although I miss the smaller individualized atmosphere of Drs. Burbank/Byers "mini-clinic" of 25 years ago, they still manage to give each of our pets the attention they so deserve. Thank you on behalf of the animals!

Lulu, Baxter, Mavis, Oskar and in memory of Kleben, Gus, Junior, Malcolm and Goofy et al.

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Thank You

-Brenda Mejia from Cathedral City, CA
Pet Name: Lexi Bandit Callie Oingo

I've used VCA Desert Animal for 7 years. From Caroline greeting me, to Shara, the BEST VET TECH, Dr. Pat Long giving the ultimate care and then checking out with Merilyn, you all take great care of my furkids. Not only are my 4 dogs family members, but they are performance dogs that need to stay in top shape and VCA helps make that happen. Thank you,
Brenda Mejia
2 FAST 4 PAWS Flyball Team

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Our Christmas Gift

-Pamela Jones from Palm Springs, CA
Pet Name: Shadow

Shadow and I first met Dr. Cutler during an attack of pancreatitis that I'd mistaken for worsening symptoms of Shadow's Cushing's disease, for which she'd been taking Lysodren. Shadow was 12 years old, with a thyroid disorder, Cushing's disease and arthritis. Her condition was so bad we weren't sure she'd make it through the night. It was three days before my son left college for Christmas break and I begged Dr. Cutler to keep Shadow alive until my son could get home to say goodbye.

Dr. Cutler fought for days to keep our girl alive. She gave Shadow IV fluids, changed her Cushing's meds from Lysodren to Trilostane and found that Shadow had become diabetic and began treating her with insulin. By the time my son arrived, Shadow was feeling a bit better. Her newest disease, diabetes, was proving difficult to control, but she was eating a bit and looking as if she might make it to Christmas.

Dr. Cutler taught me to check Shadow's blood glucose and to chart the curves her rising and falling levels created. She patiently showed me how to give insulin injections. She studied the pages of disparate curves and contacted diabetes experts to help us get it under control. She was never afraid to use other resources or get other opinions. She called every few days to check on Shadow's behavior and her glucose levels.

Although the immediate crisis passed, Dr. Cutler's interest did not. Over the months we watched in amazement as the Trilostane gave Shadow back her beautiful blond coat and reduced the size of her Cushing's belly. She suggested Rimadyl for the arthritis pain and I watched my old girl trot home from her walks for the first time in years.

Living on borrowed time, we made the most of the summer, swimming in mountain lakes and walking dog-friendly beaches and eventually we celebrated another Christmas together. This summer I decided to drive Shadow back to our cabin in the Tennessee mountains where she'd spent her puppy years. She remembered everything, and reveled in moist, green grass and the coolness of the woods, so happy to be home she would only stay inside long enough to eat and reluctantly take her meds.

After three weeks, Shadow walked into the woods one afternoon and never returned. We searched for days, but she didn't want to be found. I think of her lying in the tall grass, listening to the sound of the waterfall, head high, sniffing the breeze, and then slipping into sleep as her blood glucose dropped.

Thanks to Dr. Cutler, we had an extra year and a half with our sweet Shadow, a precious gift we can never repay. I want to thank Dr. Cutler and the entire staff for their care and for that Christmas gift.

Dr. Behrenfeld and Staff

-Lori from Cathedral city, CA

I am from Canada. We spend a good portion of our winters in the Palm Springs area. 3 weeks before we left to come down here our little Zoe (black lab) had major surgery for a fractured leg. She required ongoing splint changes and monitoring. Unfortunately we did not know any vets in the area nor were we able to find anyone who could recommend an appropriate vet for our dog. We are so happy we found Dr. Behrenfeld and the staff at the Desert Animal Hospital. Everyone from the receptionist on was very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Our dog received the best care we could have hoped for. We will be sure to pass on this clinics name to our own vet clinic, friends and family that visit down here. Thank-you again everyone, you made our visit stress free and pleasant and we appreciate it more than you will ever know!

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for the love of a Smudge...

-Kimberlee Chamberlin from Palm Springs, CA
Pet Name: Smudge Kat

We said goodbye to the Smudge Kat last night (11/17/10). Dr. Cutler, thank you for all the loving care and advice you have provided over the years to Smudge and the rest of our furry family: Isis, Earl Gray and Oscar. Yesterday morning Smudge started having seizures and even after everything Dr. Dieringer and staff could do to help him--it was time to say goodbye. He has left a huge hole in our hearts and household one that will heal knowing he (and the rest of our furry loves) always receive the best of care at VCA Desert Animal Hospital.

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Sammy Boston Terrier Seventeen Years Old

-Steve Bernstein from Cathedral City, CA
Pet Name: Sammy

We have taken Sammy our 17 years old Boston Terrier to VCA Desert Animal since 2005 and they have literally saved his life at least twice. Drs. Behrenfeld and Cutler are awesome, and Dr. Pat Long, who twice has operated on our baby is so devoted, these are the hardest working people and they share with each other. We are so lucky to have this team. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the wonderful care

-Heather from Desert Hot Springs, CA
Pet Name: Afrika

Afrika received tender, loving care from the professionals at VCA Desert Animal Hospital. We were so fortunate that the clinic was open on Sundays - even on a long weekend - as she needed immediate medical attention. Her follow-up dental surgery was successful, and she rebounded quickly. I highly recommend the VCA animal hospital. The level of care is impressive, and we were kept well informed.