We Need Homes, Can You Help?

   Animal hospitals are just that. Animal Hospitals. Some offer services such as grooming and boarding, but they are not shelters. Yet animal hospitals see their fair share of the abandoned pet(s) when owners find themselves in hard times. The owners bring them to animal hospitals that usually offer boarding as a service, thinking that their pet has a better chance of finding a home from there than in a shelter. Sadly we see this happen too often.

      We do not want to send the wrong message with this page. If you are a pet owner and need to place your pets in a new home, please try to find them a home while they are still in your custody. It may take a while, but in the end it is much less stressful on your beloved pet(s) as well as healthier for them. If you are not ale to find them new homes in time, there are many rescues and shelters that will be more than happy to help you in your time of need.

    This page is dedicated to those pets that are in need of a home in which they have been surrendered into our care in stead of a shelter.

   If you see a pet that you are interested in, please call us to set up a meeting appointment. (760) 778-9999.
  Ask for Tammy Reynolds, Vicky Santos, or Cyndi Williams and let them know which pet you are interested in. Thank You.


   Aurora and Zoe are currently looking for new homes. They would love to find a furever home together, but we understand if they must be seperated. They are about 6-7yrs old. Aurora loves attention when she wants it, but does have that cat attitude when things have to be her idea first. She is very sweet, but is on Methimazole for hyperthyroidism. Zoe usually keeps to herself and is very quiet. She loves attention and purrs up a storm. 
   Please help us find our furever home. Come meet us at VCA Desert Animal Hospital's cattery!

   The Basset on the top is Blossom and the one on the bottom is Sam Sam. Both Bassets have an estimated birth date of 03/01/2006. Blossom is a little on the hefty side, but in good health otherwise. Sam Sam is very under weight and was brought to us like this. He wasn't interested in eating for the first few days but seems to have taken a liking to our in house canned food of Adult science diet and is gradualy putting on weight. Other than this, neither of them are on medication and both are extremely sweet and loving. Hopefully they would be able to find a home together since the current owners said they have never been seperated.
   Please help us place them, they deserve better than to be left in a kennel or sent to a shelter where thier fate is unknown.
Come visit Blossom and Sam Sam at VCA Desert Animal Hospital's Boarding facility!