Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Lesley Kroon
    School: Delaware Valley College, BS

    Lesley has been a valued team member here since 2003. She was promoted from technician to technical supervisor in 2010. Lesley is a very compassionate, dedicated, hard working employee. Lesley owns 3 pets. Daisy, a Collie Mix, and 2 cats Zaius and Tootie.

    "Growing up, I've had pets as long as I can remember-though they were a bit untraditional (white ducks and mallards).  From there I have had rabbits, birds fish, a turtle , dogs, and cats as memebers of my family.  I enjoy working with animals and like being a part of ensuring others' family members are healthy.   I find it rewarding to interact with owners and their pets."

  • Technician

    Jessica Bowden

    Jessica joined our team in February 2012.  She has worked as a technician for 5 years.  Jessica loves animals and finds that being a technician is very rewarding.  She has 5 pets of her own.  1 spoiled dog -  Emma; 2 cats - Pickles & Oreo; a bunny - Dixie; and a Bearded Dragon - Spike.  When Jessica is not working she spends her time with her 2 wonderful children.  She enjoys walking and going to truck & tractor pulls and mud bogs.

    "When I was a little girl I lived on a farm so we were always getting stray animals.
    I would always take them in and feed them and give them a lot of love.
    The sick ones I would do my best to nurse back to health. I eventually got the
    Nickname Ellie Clampett. My passion for animals eventually led me to become a
    Veterinary Technician. Which I Have found to be very rewarding."


  • Technician

    Carrie Webster
    School: Salisbury University, B.S. in Biology

    In November 2015, we welcomed Carrie to our team.  She has worked as a veterinary technician since graduating from college in 2004.  Carrie is the proud pet-parent of Akita mix - Rebel; Chihuahua - Dixie; cats - Harley, Dumplin' & Tater; Cockatiel - Scooter; and lizard - Clyde.

    "I grew up on a little local farm surrounded by all sorts of animals.  When I wasn't physically interacting with them, I spent my time learning everything I could about them.. I love being able to share that knowledge and devotion with other people and watching their pets thrive because of it." 

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Aaron Caplan
    School: University of Maryland