Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Robin Cox
    School: Salisbury State University, B.S. in Business Administration

    Robin was a client here at VCA Delmarva for many years before she became one of our valued team members. Robin with us since 2008. She is a very compassionate person who strives to deliver excellent client and pet service.

    Robin and her husband share their home with "Sammy" their 10 year old Yorkie.

    Robin enjoys traveling, exercise, reading, and most of all sitting on the beach in Ocean City during the summer.

    "When my parents adopted my brother they also adopted our first dog, a German-Shepherd named Casey. When my parents adopted me, they got all they could handle. We learned early on that the family pet is a member of the family. Our pets always lived indoors, and often our only other play-mate as we moved so many times when we were children. Whenever the dog or the cats we picked up along the way, were sick, I never minded picking up their various excrements, which almost always prompted my mother to exclaim, “You should work with animals when you grow up!” I have had various careers throughout my adulthood, and even got my degree in Business Administration and Marketing. However, there was one thing my mother knew about me, that when I grew up I would work as a receptionist at the local veterinarian. She was never right about much else!"

  • Receptionist

    Bree Neff

  • Receptionist

    Mary Reynolds

    Mary joined our team in September of 2012.  Previously she worked at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Mary loves her job and getting to meet all of the furry family members and their owners.

    She has always lived in a house full of pets, and her current menagerie includes two cats, Sasha and Samantha, and a 'Bassetterrier' named Legolas.  On her days off, Mary enjoys reading, spending time at the beach, and attempting various art projects.

    "My parents had two children before me- a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. I have always lived in a home overflowing with animals, and I consider them just as much a part of my family as the humans! Animals are so much smarter than many people believe, but they have yet to master the powers of human speech, so it is our job to find out what is wrong when they are hurting or afraid. My own pets mean the world to me, and I love working in a place where our patients are given the dedicated care and attention that I expect for my own furry children."