Our Pet Spa Room has been recently re-decorated to offer a more calming and relaxing atmosphere for your pet. Calming music is played during each and every spa session to enhance relaxation of your pet.

We offer Hydro-Surge bathing system. This system self mixes shampoo and water to a perfect dilution while injecting air into the water and shampoo mixture. This allows oxygen to get to the skin which leaves your pet’s skin and hair cleaner and healthier. It also provides a relaxing massage to ease the tension out of your pet.

We offer a wide range of shampoos to meet every pet’s needs. After your pet is bathed, we towel dry and than its off to finish the dry process in their cozy kennel with a cool air drier. Once your pet is fully dry than it’s time for a haircut and styling (if required).

Listed below are our services that we offer.


  • Grooming for Dogs and Cats
  • Brush outs
  • De-Matting
  • Styled hair cuts (Depending on fbrreed of pet) or Shave Downs
  • Hydro-Surge Bathing System
  • Medicated Bathing
  • Ear Hair Plucking (On breeds that require it)
  • Nail Trimming (Nail Grinding is available by request)--$12.60 (Grind--$15.70)
  • Nail Painting (By request only)-- $12.60
  • Hair Bows or Bandannas available (Style may vary depending on Holiday or Season)-Complementary with grooming
  • Feather Extensions (Colors and styles vary)-- $3.65 per extension   Light color hair only can be dyed (white or buff).  No bleaching of the hair is done.  This will not be for pets with any skin conditions.  Please call to speak with Jackie to see if this service will work for your pet.
  • Pet Photography (backgrounds vary depending on the season)--$5.25 Photo comes in black matted frame personalized with your pets name and date
  • Clean up Bathes (no other services included. 2lbs-20lbs = $20.95, 21lbs-50lbs = $26.20, 51lbs-100lbs = $31.45,100lbs plus = 36.70)
  • 1Deluxe Baths (includes: bath, nail trim, ear cleaning/plucking. 2lbs-20lbs = $26.20, 21lbs-50lbs = 31.45, 51lbs-100lbs = $36.70,100lbs plus = $41.90)
  • Feline Short Hair Full Grooming - $40.30
  • Feline Long Hair Grooming - $57.65

***Breed specific grooming prices vary based on condition of coat and style requested, please call for more information***

We offer Hypo-allergenic shampoo for sensitive skin or will bathe in a shampoo that owner provides. All dogs and cats are kenneled with bedding and water during their Spa Day (unless your pet eats bedding, than they will not have bedding during their stay for safety reasons) . Walks are given in the morning after drop off. We do walk senior dogs more frequently (cats are offered litter boxes). Pets can be offered treats during their stay. Please alert us to any food or skin allergies that you pet has at the time of drop off so we can make note to avoid any food or shampoos that may cause reactions during your pets stay. We want your pets visit with us to be relaxing and calming so please alert us to any medication conditions that your pet has such as arthritis, heart conditions, skin allergies etc.

Our groomer, Jackie, is also a licensed Veterinary Technician who is able to perform grooming on pets that have special medical needs.-�' To read more about Jackie, click here.

Loyalty Program Available:not include
We do honor our loyal clients with a frequent bathing or grooming card, once you pet has been giving 9 baths or grooming sessions you will receive your 10th bath or grooming session for 1/2 price (does not include extra fees).  Jackie, our groomer, has appointments available Monday- Saturday; please call to schedule an appointment today with our friendly staff!