Current Events

On 6/30/14, Mr. Stewart was bringing Sandy into the office for a wellness exam and she escaped from her carrier in our parking lot. She quickly scrambled away into the dense brush surrounding our parking lot, nowhere to be found. Several of our staff, including Dr. Urbaniak, quickly started scouring the area and searched for Sandy in vain.

Dr. Urbaniak quickly obtained the appropriate enclosure, and we set it up with food to see if we could catch Sandy. During the time that Sandy was missing, the temperature during the heat of the day really began to soar, so our staff put together a schedule to be sure that somebody was checking hourly to see if Sandy had ventured into the enclosure. Mr. Stewart diligently checked for Sandy several times every day, but after about a week and a half started to get a little discouraged, but did not give up hope.

Finally, on the morning of 7/10/14, eleven days after she escaped, Sandy was found by Mr. Stewart in the enclosure which had been set up right at the edge of the brush in which she had scurried. When she saw him, she began to meow very loudly, but seemed to be in fine shape even after her ordeal. We guess that she never ventured much beyond the brush on our property, and was eating all of the food that was being left out for her each day. Everybody was so relieved and so happy that Sandy was found, but nobody more than Mr. Stewart!

Sandy quickly settled back into her home and slept a lot for the first few days, but otherwise seemed absolutely fine. Mr. Stewart gave her a few days to recover, and then brought her in for that original wellness exam in a new, escape-free, carrier!

Mr. Stewart was so grateful to the staff at VCA Delaware Valley that he brought in a delicious lunch for us all. We were all so happy to be able to celebrate this happy ending with Sandy and Mr. Stewart!

Submitted by,

Marilyn Katz, Hospital Manager