Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Kimberly Koren

    Kimberly has been with the Darien Animal Hospital since 2003.  She has a major love for animals including wildlife.  When she is not at the Animal Hospital she loves spending time with her 4 animals; Kasper, Pearl, Perkins, and Derby.  When not with her animals Kimberly enjoys spending her time reading, doing anything fitness related and traveling to Florida to visit family.  She lovers her clients and patients here at Darien Animal Hospital.

  • Receptionist

    Priscilla Aponte

    Priscilla has been with VCA Darien Animal Hospital since 2005. Over the years Priscilla has spent time working as a receptionist and a technician. Her love for animals has made her the proud owner of 5 cats, a red-eared slider (turtle), and recently adopted an adorable mixed breed puppy named batman. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family. She has a passion for cooking and hopes to open a restaurant one day. In the meantime the staff has the pleasure of eating her delicious creations.

  • Receptionist

    Gina Castromonte

    Gina has been working at the Darien Animal Hospital since Fall of 2013.  She loves animals and helping others in need.  She has a 7 yr old Yorkie name Tyler.  In her free time, Gina loves to read, going to the beach, and playing volleyball.

  • Receptionist

    Nikki Taylor

    Nikki has been working at the VCA Darien Animal Hospital since 2010. She enjoys working with animals and their wonderful owners. She currently owns 2 cats (Jasmine, and Ellie) and 1 energetic and loving Pit bull named Willow. While she is not working, Nikki spends her time going to school to become a nurse. She loves to cook, play sports, and plans to travel more in the future and explore new places.