VCA Cypress Wood Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Our New Vet

-Lisa and Allen from Coral Springs, FL
Pet Name: Penny

We adopted Penny, a mini long-haired dachshund from the Humane Society in 1999. When our longtime vet sold his practice in 2008, we were not pleased with his "successor". When Penny was 10 1/2 and not behaving or acting quite like her frolicky self we began our search. Allen had a patient who trains dogs for agility competitions who more or less implied that there is only one clinic in the area offering superior, friendly care. We met with Dr. Kline and instantly knew that Penny has found her new vet. Her friendly, relaxed personality will put you and your pet at ease. She takes her time, is very thorough, answering any questions or concerns. Penny was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease last year. Dr. Kline explained the illness, researched the options and went over the various choices for treatment. Obviously she advised us correctly, because Penny, even in her senior years, has returned to her normal, playful self! Dr. Shetler has always made himself available to us during her time off. Tina, the office manager, is awesome at keeping the practice running smoothly and efficiently, and the rest of the staff has always shown us kindness. Not that you want to make a habit of it, but it's always a pleasure to go in for a visit at VCA Cypress Wood Animal Hospital!

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Thank you for taking care of me

-Chris and Jim Vaught from Coral Springs, FL
Pet Name: Odin

Dear Ms. Tina,

I had a great time staying with you and your staff these last several days at your VCA Cypress Wood Animal Hospital in Coral Springs. I haven't stopped talking to Mommy and Daddy since I got home about how much fun I had, and the excellent care I received from everyone while I was boarded there. Mommy and Daddy now say they can travel more knowing that I will get all the attention I demand (after all, I am a cat!) and will be in the good, caring hands of the VCA team there. Thanks again, and tell Gator and Riley I'll see them next time.

Meows & Head-butts from your pal,
Odin Vaught

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Appreciation of Dr. Garrick

-Dr. Allison Moten from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pet Name: Taylor and Sasha

Dr. Garrick has provided my pets with superb veterinary care for several years. He is knowledgeable, accessible and compassionate. Dr. Garrick consistently goes above and beyond the requirements of his position in the concern and attention he gives my pets. With warmest appreciation for his care, Allison Moten

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With Heartfelt Thanks

-Linda and Al from Margate, FL
Pet Name: Miss Murphy

Dear Tina,

Thank you so much for your continued support and care of our dogs over the past years (about fifteen, I think). We would like to take the opportunity to share with you what this relationship means to us. Our dogs, Ouzo, Chief Kelly, Molly, and now Miss Murphy are important to us not only as members of our family, but they were/are also part of the family of the local Fire Department. Because the three dalmatians are deaf, they needed special care and handling. We knew that we could always count on you to treat them this way.

There were many times that we've run to you at VCA Animal Hospital with emergencies (at least they were to us). There was the time that Molly got her nose bitten and had to be sewn back up; and Chief Kelly ate the bowl of Halloween lollipops- sticks and all. I don't know how many times we had to rush in with torn dew claws or the ever famous swollen anal glands. But, through it all, you were there to support our dogs....and us.

Not only were you there to help us in these emergencies, but when it came time to lay our babies to sleep permanently, you were there to help us with that too. It was so heartfelt to see you at the memorial service that the City of North Lauderdale gave to Chief Kelly (especially since you had just had a baby). We now have three sleeping beauties for which we have wonderful memories. It is our good fortune that you are still sharing your expertise and caring ways in helping us care for Miss Murphy. We are grateful for all that you have done for us.

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Rough Start

-Nicole from Tamarac, FL
Pet Name: Max

Max and I are eternally grateful to all the caring staff at VCA Cypress Wood for saving his life. I adopted 8 week old Max from the Broward County Humane Society in 2010. Once we were home I noticed that sometimes when he was falling asleep his head and paws would twitch. Eventually this escalated to him having a full blown seizure. The VCA Cypress Wood staff assured me that they would do everything possible to help Max. They also worked with the Humane Society in order to subsidize the costs of running all the necessary tests. Tina was particularly supportive and she and Riley (her golden retriever) took a special interest in watching over Max while he stayed at Cypress Wood. Max was diagnosed with epilepsy and once he was started on medication has been a very happy and healthy cat. He’s almost 3 now and is the definition of a “curious cat”, always needing to explore any new place or open door (especially the refrigerator). Dr. Martinez is always very thoughtful and caring when performing exams and answering questions. I always know that Max will be well taken care of at VCA Cypress Wood.

Fondness for Dr. Garrick

-Joel and Veronica Siegel from Deerfield Bch, FL

Dr. Garrick has been the only veterinarian for our dog Louis. During his 6 years of life, Louis has had many health issues and Dr. Garrick has been wonderful and very caring in taking care of Louis as well as very informative in reviewing Louis' health status with my wife and I when determining the best course of action for Louis. Dr. Garrick always follows up with a call several days after our visit to see how Louis is doing. We have been very pleased with Dr. Garrick's great care for Louis, so much so that we have followed Dr. Garrick during his transition to several VCA locations. Louis is very comfortable with Dr. Garrick as are we in taking excellent care of our "third child".

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Thank You

-Allen and Lisa from Coral Springs, FL
Pet Name: Penny

In 2010, at age 11, our beloved dachshund Penny was rapidly showing signs of aging. The team at Cypress Wood VCA examined her in detail and quickly diagnosed her with Cushing’s disease. Over several months they took the time to do extensive research, using their unlimited veterinary resources, including consulting with specialists, to find an effective dosage of medicine and course of treatment to stabilize the disease.

The Cypress Wood VCA is not just about the vets, who are outstanding in our opinion. The facility is about a group of individuals working together as a team with a common goal to provide families and their pets with excellent care and respect.

Dr. Martinez and Dr. Garrick complement each other with their varying knowledge and experience in the field. One, if not both, are always there to handle emergencies and routine issues.

Tina Gehalo, the administrator, takes special interest and pride in keeping the practice operating smoothly. The vet techs and front desk staff always take a personal interest in their 4 legged clients and their families. The facility is medicinally clean and the atmosphere always warm and friendly!

Don’t take our word for it-visit Cypress Wood VCA and they will become an important part of your family, offering support, care and love for your animals too!

P.S. - Penny is 13 1/2 and still enjoying life!

Love of Animals

-Sue Fazio from Boca Raton, FL
Pet Name: Abby and Bitsy

I have been bringing my dogs Abby and Bitsy to Dr. Waugh-Le Count for the past 4 years. She is fantastic!! Dr. Waugh-Le Count has gone above and beyond in her care for the girls. Without a doubt Abby has given her a challenge or two. Her knowledge and love for animals is evident in the care she provides. VCA Cypress Wood is lucky to have her and so are we.

Best Vet in Broward County

-Victoria Newton from Coral Springs, FL
Pet Name: Baby Newton

Dr Elizabeth is the most caring, sympathetic vet I have ever brought my pets to. On Saturday 1/10/15 my chihuahua came up with a very sudden sickness, although my appointment was at 2:30pm I called back to see if I could be fit in because I felt the situation was getting progressively worse. Dr Elizabeth agreed to see me although being extremely busy. And on top of that once I got to VCA there was basically no wait time. She saw me immediately and took care of my little one. She told me the honest truth of what needed to be done. This is a vet that does not care about getting every penny she can out of you, she will work with you on the payment, and she will give you a true honest bill. She cares solely only about your pet. I recommend her entire staff a million times over and I will never go to another vet or VCA. THANK YOU VCA CYPRESS WOOD!!!

Extremely happy

-Magnolia Valdez-Melendez from North Lauderdale, FL
Pet Name: Ranger Valdez-Melendez

Since our first visit Ranger and I were greeted with smiles and a genuine desire to help and care. Ranger is very comfortable during his visits and shows his gratitude by giving everyone lots of licks. After our visits I always get a follow up call to see how Ranger is doing. Keep up the great work to provide great veterinary care and customer service.