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    Insta "Gator"

    February 2011, a crate was found at our front door. With nobody around, we approached the crate with caution, as the crate was rocking back and forth. Peering inside, our eyes revealed a grey/white cat was suspiciously crated and left at our front door. "Oh, it’s so cute", as we were led to believe. Oh no, he is cute alright, but you better watch it. With his keen eye, suttle move, and cute looks; he was named the Insta "Gator". Move his cage, feed him late, move him from perch and he will get you. Oh yes, he will wait for the most opportune time and seek revenge. For he is Insta "Gator".

  • Receptionist

    Elaine Nazario

    Hi! My name is Elaine Nazario. I am very excited about being a member of the VCA Cypress Wood Animal Hospital family.  As a pet parent and client of this hospital for many years, I've been very happy with the care that my pets have received and the customer service that has been provided to me.  So now I am one of the first smiling faces that you will see at the front desk and I hope to provide you the best possible customer service and to get to know your furry friends. I currently have 5 pets at home. Three cats, Archie, Obie, and Keywe, and two dogs Juneau a German Shepherd, and Maui, a Rottweiler.

    I have always loved animals and for awhile as a child wanted to be a veterinarian but somehow I ended up with degrees in Psychology. However the desire to work with animals and to help, in any small way, to make their lives better has never left me.