• Hospital Manager

    Tina Gehalo

    Tina Gehalo calls South Florida home. She was raised and currently resides in Margate. Her career in animal care started August 1989 with the help of Dr. William Sammons. The animal clinic was privately owned at first, later merging with Veterinary Centers of America. She started in kennel working her way to veterinary technician within two months. She spent the next seventeen years as a veterinary technician, and now the hospital manager since 2006.
    In her spare time Tina enjoys spending time with husband Steve, two kids Tyler and Kaley, and her furry kids Riley (golden retriever), Sassy and Shmoo (kitty cats).


    I have always had a love of animals. It's a great feeling to know that everyday, I have a chance to be the voice for the pets.

    Being able to help any animal is a big part of who I am.