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    Sandi Tomlinson

    Sandi is a Seattle native born and raised in Ballard. She has work at Crown Hill Animal Hospital for 39 years with people and animals she has always considered extended family. Sandi has one kitty who rules the house named Grayson and she loves to garden.

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    Kel Bergquist

    Kel is a recent graduate from Fairhaven College/Western Washington University where she majored in American Cultural Studies. While Kel does not intend to pursue veterinary medicine, she has loved animals for as long as she can remember.  Currently she is the owner of Yoda, a small, brindle French bulldog/dachschund mix with an adorable smile and an attitude to go along with it (in the best sense of course).  Kel is happy to be working here where she can meet so many different dogs and cats and support owners with their pets.

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    Melina Brooks

    Melina was born and raised in Seattle. She is pursuing Veternary Medicine through the University of Washington, and plans to go on to earn her DVM. Melina plans to specialize in Equine and Bovine Medicine once she is a Veternarian. She is the owner of Benji, a 8 year old Blab which is a Boxer/Lab mix, and Moo, a 4 year old domestic short hair.


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    Judy Khath

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    Alison Martin
    Veterinary Tech School: University of Washington

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    Courtney Peters

    Courtney has worked at animal hospitals since she was 14 years old. She moved to Seattle almost 15 years ago and loves the rainy weather and coffee! Courtney is a full time student at Seattle Central College studying Global Health. She plans to transfer to the UW in the fall of 2015. When she isn’t studying or working, Courtney enjoys playing pool, singing karaoke, watching New York Yankees baseball and being a season ticket holder for the Seattle Storm. A self proclaimed crazy cat lady, Courtney shares her house with 7 fabulous felines, an overenthusiastic pointer mix and a tank of Platy fish.