• Hospital Manager

    Kelly Reding
    School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Fisheries and Wildlife

    Kelly graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife.  After working as a park ranger she decided to move to Seattle and switch to the veterinary field.   She has been with VCA since 2004 and loves working with the animals everyday.

    In her spare time she enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, sailing and whatever else the PNW has to offer.  She has a menagerie of animals that her husband and son both love as much as her.

  • Office Supervisor

    D.B. The Boss

    D.B. was brought to us as a foster cat and has adopted us as his peons.

    He's an important part of our day-to-day routine, as he is always there to make sure we stay on task. He's strict but fair and beloved by all.

    His responsibilities include and ARE limited to: sleeping, eating, begging for treats, sleeping, snacking and napping.